Nalley given max sentence; Two days of deliberations end in 2-year sentence

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, February 9, 2013


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6 Responses to “Nalley given max sentence; Two days of deliberations end in 2-year sentence”

  1. Skip Nichols says:

    Difficult, difficult decision. My thoughts go out to all the victims, their families and, yes, Danny Nalley.

    During our years in Wise County, most people speed and illegally pass, especially on that beautiful and deadly stretch of road.

  2. El Pulpo says:

    Why are there so many car accidents in Wise County? Almost every week or two, there is a serious accident and it almost always involves teen drivers. I personally am doing my best to teach my son how to drive properly and how to always be cognizant of all the other drivers. I have also prohibited him from driving until his 18th birthday. The idea of 16 or 17 year-old drivers scares me. True, Nalley was older and it is not always convenient to have your children wait until their 18th birthday to drive, but I figured that waiting an extra two years would allow me more time to teach him better and for my son to gain more experience, maturity, and logic.

  3. Parents and teachers should share this story far and wide. Heartbreaking for all involved.

  4. This had to be one tough decision. I feel sorry for the driver, because he is young, and made a mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. However he made the decision to drink and drive and kill 4 of his friends, and must be punished. My heart is broken for all 6 families involved. The Jurors made the right decision, and should be commended.
    My friend Shonda lost her 16 yer old daughter Aisha Bryant of Alvord several months ago. The guy that killed her on 287 was texting and driving, the Wise County Courts failed to Indict that boy a few weeks ago. I had hoped and prayed for justice for Aisha.

  5. i dont feel the least bit sorry for this,someone hands him a a fast mustang to hot rod around the school poor kid he lost his parents so give him what ever he wants no matter what this probaly wasnt his first rodeo there should others that be accountable for this also who handed him the keys,who sold the beer,who he was racing,and mostly who heads up this so called partys at the grasslands this is not going to one bit concern to the kids still going to party 50 miles away from their home’s so the parents dont know what the kids are up to parents know they just turn their heads and say kids are kids well 4 kids died a awful death cause people turn away

  6. Doug Graham says:

    Unbelievably heartbreaking story. I understand state jail is not as bad as prison…so I am thankful for this, as I think Danny Nally may be suffering enough. I pray for all families involved; it is evident the healing process will take a long, long time. Parents should have their teenagers read this story and then discuss. Whether they are drinking, drugging, texting, or just plainly being ignorant, their lives and other lives can change in an instant…on or off the road.


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