Local officer involved in Denton County sheriff bribery investigation

By Brandon Evans | Published Saturday, August 17, 2013


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2 Responses to “Local officer involved in Denton County sheriff bribery investigation”

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    I have been very impressed with Sheriff Travis. In an email awhile back I told him I wanted to make a campaign contribution. He replied that he did not accept contributions but only wanted those that felt he was doing a good job to vote for his reelection…I cannot envision a scenario where such a person would shrink from defending his public record in the election process.

    As for hiring anyone that has an ongoing lawsuit against the county…no person should consider hiring someone that is suing them or those they represent. I think that a standard reply to the litigant might be to get that case settled before you bother me again. That’s not a bribe.

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    That’s the nature of not only the sheriff’s office but the county as a whole. They have a very dirty history of skirting around laws they find inconvenient or think they can get away with. And if they are ever called out on it they have no problem illegally retaliating against that individual. Mr. Braggs, I’m sure, was one of those individuals who saw wrongdoing and was brave enough to actually say something about it. But unfortunately, once the Denton County mafia finds out about one of these independent thinkers, they are soon out the door.

    The new sheriff did seem like a nice guy, but I hear Bernie Madoff was too. I hope Denton County’s day’s of corruption and Mafioso tactics will soon come to an end. Good luck Mr. Braggs!


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