Hays files for Congress

By Messenger Staff | Published Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Elaine Hays (R-Amarillo) formally filed her candidacy Wednesday to seek the 13th Congressional District seat in the March 4 primary.

Hays, a native of Bridgeport, is seeking the seat currently held by Mac Thornberry. The 13th District includes 41 counties, from the western half of Wise County all the way through the upper half of the Texas Panhandle.

Elaine Hays

Elaine Hays

“Families I have spoken with all across the district are worried about the future of their jobs, the costs of their healthcare and the loss of their personal freedoms,” she said. “Their concerns range from revelations of NSA spying on law abiding citizens to the government forced purchase of health insurance. The people of the 13th Congressional District are tired of the government invading into more and more areas of their lives.”

Hays, a Certified Financial Planner, said she will take a lead in “making sure Washington understands the importance of spending within your means and the destructive nature of excessive debt.”

After growing up in Bridgeport, Hays began her career in the finance industry as a stockbroker and later became a Certified Financial Planner. She met and married her husband, Tracy, and has lived the past 28 years in Amarillo raising their four children Taylor, Rachel, Ryan and Caleb.

During that time, she earned a master’s degree in finance from West Texas A&M University, co-authored two books and completed 51 hours of doctoral studies in economics from Texas Tech.

“Our founders envisioned citizen legislators, not career politicians,” she said. “Remaining in Washington for decades and exempting themselves from certain laws has led to the creation of an elected aristocracy.

“It is time for our current representative to come home and live under the laws he helped create – without exception, without exemption and without privilege.”

“I would be honored to represent the people of the 13th Congressional District, and I am campaigning hard to win this election,” she added. “It is time to change politics as usual and return government of the people back to the people.”

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