County Clerk Records for Wednesday, March 6, 2013

By Messenger Staff | Published Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Albert Lee Posey and Lana Faye King, both of Bridgeport

Anthony James Haraida of Boyd and Hannah Alysa Miller of Bridgeport

Timothy Lucas Young and Krista Marie Arrivillaga, both of Boyd

Raed Ali Sulaiman and Betty Jean Robinson, both of Chico

Tony F. Kilman and Kimberly A. Strange, both of Rhome

Isaac Miguel Roa-Pacheco and Kimberly Garcia, both of Rhome

Dustin Floyd Hood of Rhome and Jerika Lakay Crisp of Boyd

Richard Mitchel Craig and Megan Michelle Maddux, both of Chico

John Leroy Stewart Jr. of Rhome and Vicky Jane Oney of Marshall

David Lester Beaverstock and Dawn Elizabeth Keller, both of Bridgeport

Thomas Chapman and Amy Annette McDaniel, both of Decatur

Jose EpifanioValdez Lopez and Alicia Ramirez Patlan, both of Justin

Howard Warren Blount and Sue Bollin of Paradise

Justin Allen Uselton and Michelle Leeann Richey, both of Chico

Cade Ryan Hodgkins of Bridgeport and Cassidy Dshae Dane of Decatur

John Joseph Callan and Nia Nichole Nolen, both of Decatur

Richard Alan Espinoza and Christa Lynn Meneses, both of Watauga

Isidro Nieto Olguin and Dulce Nallely Vazquez Alvarez, both of Decatur

Paul Clifton Higgins Jr. and Erika Gian Elia, both of Alvord

Joshua Aaron Armentrout and Autumn Rose Kim, both of Decatur

Tyler O’Bryan Coon and Cortney Lynn Williams, both of Boyd

Anthony Ray Bartoo and Tracy Lyn Bryant, both of Chico

Daniel Allen Anderson and Crystal Michelle Hunter, both of Decatur

Micheal T. O’Connell and Angela Kay Mathias, both of Ponder

Christopher M. Connelly and Kristin Leann Richardson, both of Chico

Michael Le Dane Sims and Kimberly Dawn Ray, both of Boyd

Aaron Bruce Everhart and Cheyenne Leigh Anderson of Paradise

Ricky Jay Walton and Ruby Lyn Perich, both of Bridgeport

Cody Ross Sukeforth and Mary Prudie Pennington

Severo Montoya Aranda of Bridgeport and Lourdes Balderas of Dallas

Jearadt Ray Robinson and Josie Danielle Bryant, both of Azle

Angel Luis Ramos and Linda Ann Hicks, both of Rhome

James Harrel Lamance Jr. and Nina Marie Day, both of Boyd

Jacen Lyle Williams and Anissa Michelle Everson, both of Newark

Douglas A. Wilson and Ashley Nicole Rye, both of Aurora

Jason Lee Young of Decatur and Sabrina Catherine Garg of Fort Worth

Antonio Salvador Renteria and Erika Selene Montejano, both of Bridgeport

Jeffrey Thomas Harper and Tasha Nichole Haskett, both of Newark

David Wayne Carver and Sharla Drinnon Carver, both of Weatherford

Christopher Glenn Ashmore of Paradise and Rebecca Rae Phillips of Fort Worth

Darrell Lee Potts and Kathleen Margaret Guardalibene, both of Decatur


Fernando Medrano Diaz and Cecilia Soto Villarreal, both of Bridgeport

Ascencion M. Herrera and Sonia A. Gonzalez, both of Bridgeport

Jerry Don Isbell and Donna Gayle Barnes, both of Mineola

Jeremiah Martin Smith and Josie Lynn Moran, both of Boyd

Charles Loynes Fountain and Carol Lee Giles, both of Alvord

Jesse Tyler Brothers and Jessica Lauren Pittman, both of Imperial Beach, Calif.

Donald Nelson Davis Jr. and Rachel Ann Nichols, both of Aurora

Lyndon Ray Kerr of Bridgeport and Cynthia Anne Stutts of Alvord

Pedro Hernandez Contreras and Heather Danielle Kuni, both of Boyd

Jose Gabriel Delgadillo and Jazmin Herrera, both of Bridgeport

Robby Orin Shinn of Bridgeport and Rachel Lealamari Gasperson of Decatur

Harry Eugene McAlister Jr. and Terry Michelle Comiskey, both of Weatherford

Spencer Joseph Furstenberg of Dallas and Jennifer Louann Greiner of Decatur

John Scott Tucker of Wichita Falls and Tiffany Nichole Garrett of Decatur

William Landon Longley of San Antonio and Elise Ann Dickens of Bridgeport

Joseph Kyle Waldrop and Jacklyn Renea Starnes, both of Decatur

Douglas James Brown of Walters, Okla., and Stephanie Marie Beavers of Alvord

Stanley Ray Van Hoose and Julie Sue Edmundson, both of Bridgeport

Curtis Benjamin Baer and Samantha Ann Gardner, both of Sweetwater

David Kent Jackson and Tina Darlene Pierce, both of Sunset

Martin Lynn Gowins of Fort Worth and Angela Faye Hays of Paradise

Curtis Dennison Record of Sanger and Jessica Ne’cole Ellis of Chico

Miguel Angel Tovar and Crystal DeSantiago, both of Decatur

Whitmon Ray Stewart and Brandi Nicole White, both of Rhome

Ricky Eugene Wreay and Kiran Dasila, both of Decatur

James Wesley Walker and Nacina Marie Cryer, both of Decatur

Steven Michael Shoen and Ashley Nicole Gilbert, both of Decatur

Pablo Antonio Salinas and Diamantina Iglesias Lomas, both of Bridgeport

Jesus R. Pacheco and Beatriz A. Juarez Gomez, both of Rhome

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