Council to consider clerk position

By Erika Pedroza | Published Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paradise’s city secretary wants a vacation. But she doesn’t want her time off to slow the city’s day-to-day operations.

“When I go out of town for trainings or vacations, Sam [Starr, the mayor] will step in to hold down the fort, and he knows a little more than most,” City Secretary Teresa Moody said. “But he doesn’t know all that the job entails. If someone came in and asked for a building permit, he wouldn’t know which form to give them. And understandably so. He’s not here on a regular basis. He’d probably say something like ‘We’ll have to wait until Teresa gets back.'”

The scenario could be avoided, and the city could be better equipped with back-up personnel, if they added a part-time clerk.

“It’s protection to the city and a little bit of freedom so I don’t feel chained to my desk,” Moody said. “Even if the person came in one day a week to help with the filing, they’d get some kind of regular exposure to the job while also lightening the load for me. There is a handbook, but the handbook only gives a general outline.”

Council members tabled the matter to look into how many hours a day the position would be utilized, what training would be involved and what the pay would be. They will act on the request at a future meeting.

In other news

  • At the request of councilwoman Terre Ward, the council preliminarily discussed the possibility of establishing a storm shelter network. “We’d locate where all they are in town and then check with the owners to see if they allow theirs to be used by the community in case of emergency,” Ward said. “We could maybe even plan a community-wide effort to fix and spruce up any shelters. City council members might could pass out water, and the firefighters maybe could incorporate a barbecue fundraiser or something.”
  • During the economic development corp. report, councilman and EDC member Bob Gayan confirmed that a Dollar General is slated to be built on the triangular-shaped tract of land between Texas 114 and Main Street, near the bank. Moody added that an antique mall is to open at the end of this month in the building on 114 that most recently housed auctions.
  • Moody announced that the mortgage on City Hall had been paid off. “It took us nearly three hours at the bank, but it’s done,” she said. “We cashed in three certificates to pay the balance and combined the leftover money into one certificate.”
  • The council will receive an update on the future sewer system and waterline extensions at its June meeting. “The original drawings weren’t really accurate,” Moody said. “The grant consultant is working to finish that up so we can have a correct cost analysis.”

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