Skateboard club in progress

By Cristin Morgan | Published Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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PJ Shredderz, owner of Shredderz Skate Shop and Indoor Park and a 2005 graduate of Decatur High School, wants to give back to the community.

His vision is to give students the opportunity to be a part of something they didn’t have a chance to do in the past.

“When I was in school, there was never anything geared toward kids here and that is my attempt to give back so there is actually something for kids to do,” Shredderz said.

He started skateboarding around age 10 and has loved it ever since. The Skate Shop and Indoor Park opened in February 2009 and just moved to its new location last December at 2150 E U.S. 380 in Decatur.

“We were never given anything while growing up,” Shredderz said. “So I came up with the idea of opening up a skate shop and indoor park, and instead of my dad giving me money to help get it started he said, ‘figure out how to make it work.'”

If Shredderz can start up a club with the high school he will hold meetings and other events at his shop. Members must:

  • be a Decatur High School student,
  • attend 90 percent of the meetings,
  • have a skateboard (or purchase a skateboard) and
  • have a Facebook account to receive updates.

“You have clubs for groups and whenever I was in school it was more sports and no clubs,” Shredderz said. “The club I want to start is more for the outcast kids who think they don’t belong somewhere. It gives them something to do.”

In order for Shredderz to start the club he needs a volunteer faculty member as a sponsor.

“[The only quality they need] is to want and be willing to help out kids,” he said.

Members of the club will also receive 15 percent discounts in the skate shop, a T-shirt and free entry to the indoor skate park.

“This is the easiest club ever,” Shredderz said. “It’s different, me going to the principal and asking to start this club, compared to 100 kids going in his office to say we want a club.”

Shredderz wants to create a safe environment for boys and girls to come, be involved and have fun while doing something they enjoy.

“If you have any questions I’m always on Facebook,” he said.

For more information, contact Shredderz at, (940) 627-1930 or Shredderz Skate Shop on Facebook.

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