Presidential candidate makes stop in Decatur

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Republican presidential candidate John Davis made a brief morning stop at the Courthouse Square this morning. The conservative candiate from Grand Junctio, Colo., is on a mission to make a campaign stop at every county in the United States. He’s visited more than 1,900 of the 3,143 counties since he began his campaign almost a year ago. He visits between nine to 14 counties per day.

Brandishing a large wrench painted with the stars and stripes, Davis’ mission statement is “to fix America.”

“I’ve heard a lot of ideas of how to use this wrench in Washington,” he said.

Davis has never run for political office before now. He said God inspired him to run for office. He’s made a career as a homebuilder ever since he graduated high school.

“Everywhere I’ve been people are tired of career politicians being in office,” Davis said. “We can blame Obama and Bush and go back as far as your want, but we voted them into office. It’s up to us to stand up and make a difference.”

Despite having trouble getting on the primary ballot in most states, he’s not giving up.

“When God sends you on a mission you don’t give up,” he said. “I’m on this trip because I want to earn the right to serve the people.”

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