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Man found guilty of attempted capital murder with tractor

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After a lengthy deliberation today, a Wise County jury found Timothy Herring, 22, of Azle, guilty of attempted capital murder of an officer of the law. The charge stems from an incident last summer where Herring used a stolen tractor to try and plow over a state trooper attempting to stop him during a lengthy police chase that ended in southwest Wise County. Herring goes before Judge John Fostel for sentencing, which will run between five and 99 years for the first-degree felony conviction. The same jury also found Herring not guilty for a second charge in the trial, which was attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a property owner who tried stop also tried to stop him. Herring already plead guilty to unlawful use of a motor vehicle for stealing the tractor used in the crime. Herring’s defense attorney tried to convince the jury that the tractor was incapable of being considered a deadly weapon, and that anyone could easily get out of the way of an oncoming tractor. The jury appeared to only halfway believe the argument.