Firefighter and medic rescue cat on a wire

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After struggling for almost an hour at the high end of a ladder with a cat tangled in telephone pole wire, Rhome Volunteer Firefighter Katy Wacasey finally managed to free the angry and injured feline. J.D. Renfroe, who lives in the 300 block of E. Morton St. in Boyd, was working in his shed this morning when he heard a terrible cry from a cat. He went outside to find an orange colored cat dangling 25 feet off the ground. The claws on one of its rear legs had become embedded and entwined in the wire, leaving the cat to hang upside down like a pair of sneakers tossed over the line.

Rhome Volunteer Firefighter Katy Wacasey saved the day for this cat caught in a telephone wire in Boyd. Photo by Joe Duty.

Wacasey responded with a ladder truck. Working by alone, she scaled the ladder like a cat herself to the howling feline. Wise County medics arrived to tend to Wacasey, who sustained several punctures and deep scratches to her hands during the rescue. Then medic Jacob Souder climbed the ladder and helped pry the cat’s claw from the tangled wire. Once freed, the cat immediately calmed down and settled into Wacasey’s arms. A Boyd police officer transported the cat to Boyd Animal Hospital. The cat was bleeding from the leg and mouth where it had tried to chew through the wire.

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  1. Rose Stuber says:

    Fantastic job! God bless!


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