Lettin’ dirt fly: Teen continues racing gold

By Clay Corbett | Published Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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Cole Reaves is a pretty-shy kid, unless he’s on the race track. That’s where he does most of his talking.

Since we last visited with Reaves about a year and a half ago, not much has changed. He continues to dominate the competition and win at an unbelievable rate.

LEADING THE WAY – Cole Reaves of Decatur had 32 wins this past year and was recently awarded the Masterson Holmes Award naming him the fastest 65cc expert rider in the state. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

The seventh grader at McCarroll Middle School in Decatur turned 13 a week ago, and his room is already full of trophies and plaques for his accomplishments with a dirt bike from the time he was a little kid.

This past season has been his most successful. He’s already swept the season titles in the Texas Off Road Nationals (TORN) and the Texas Cross Country Racing Association (TCCRA).

Reaves is trying to make it a clean sweep if he can finish off the Texas-Off-road Racing Organization’s (TORO) season later this winter. History is on his side with his win of the TORO title last year.

SEEING GOLD – Reaves claimed six different racing championships in the past season while battling a broken finger part of the way. Messenger photo by Joe Duty

All that adds up to 47 races and 32 wins in the past year, claiming six Texas racing championships.

A couple of weeks ago he was awarded the Masterson Holmes Award as the fastest 65cc expert rider in the state.

All that success did not come without a little adversity. In his first race of the season, Reaves had a high-speed crash while leading. Two riders passed him before he got right up and continued the race.

He ended up with a third-place finish. When he got back to the truck Reaves and his dad noticed where the injury had occurred.

“His hand was all bloody and there was blood all over the throttle,” Cole’s dad, Rollie Reaves, said. “I couldn’t believe he finished the race. He raced 25 minutes with his finger broke.”

Reaves’ right ring finger was fractured at the top knuckle.

Two weeks later he was racing with a splint on his finger and went on to another victory.

“I had to wrap it,” Cole said. “I had to put hand guards on it so I wouldn’t get it broken again. It was difficult to ride.”

Within five weeks the finger was completely healed, and Reaves never missed a beat continuing his history-making season.

Except for a summer break and currently a Christmas break there is a race somewhere every weekend, and the Reaves’ rarely miss.

“If there is a race we race,” Rollie said. “There is a summer break but when there is we usually go do a motocross.”

With Cole’s two younger sisters being involved in basketball and softball it makes for a very busy schedule. Cole plays football in the fall.

With the help of Rollie’s wife (Terri) and his parents they seem to make everything work.

The help of Cole’s grandad (Rollie’s dad) along with Craig Martin at Action Motor Sports of Decatur has made the tough schedule much easier. Action Motor Sports is almost a full sponsor, and Grandad helps take Cole to races and is purchasing a new bike for the upcoming season. With no prize money in it at this time, the help is appreciated.

“Craig [Martin] is a fantastic sponsor and a terrific role model,” Rollie said about the Action Motor Sports sponsorship. “Through his career he’s brought up a lot of really fast riders up through his program.”

All this time and success at the track may turn into a career someday, but that decision has not yet been made.

“He could easily become pro by the time he is 16 if he wants to,” Rollie Reaves said. “If he decides he is done with it then we will walk away. I’m going to let him decide, but if he keeps working hard and riding then he will be fast enough to run pro.”

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