Why the world is turning its back on us

By Rusty White | Published Saturday, October 6, 2012

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If we, as a nation, will not accept what we are doing to others, we are wrong! Instead of claiming the whole world “wrongfully” hates us, we might be better off to ask them why? Does anyone really believe we have no wrongs in what we have done to other countries? Today and for years and years our government has manipulated, bribed and bullied other countries into accepting our demands and beliefs.

Sadly, Mexico and her citizens are a prime example of the truth above while being pawns in our known failure called the “War on Drugs.” They have been bullied, manipulated and paid to follow our failed policy, and over 50,000 of their citizens have paid for it with their lives.

As we openly and arrogantly violate other countries and their people, ask yourself this question: Would we accept Mexico sending drones over our borders and killing innocent men, women and children while claiming it was “their right” due to the War on Drugs? We would not accept it from any country, for any reason, yet we demand and expect the rest of the world to shut up and watch as we violate their countries and their citizens.

Who or what gives us the right to force and manipulate our beliefs on all others? Who or what power gives us the right to force our beliefs as to what is wrong or right on those outside our country? How is it wrong for others to claim the same rights we have wrongfully taken?

Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh was a Baptist, and we don’t hold all Baptists responsible for his disgusting deeds, do we? Holding a country or a faith responsible for the ignorance and hate of a minority is wrong, period! Those who want to harm us, we should help them meet their God, but not in a way that makes us just as wrong.

That being said, if we took just 10 percent of what we give the world every year, every man, woman and child could have free health care here at home. If we can take care of the world, we can surely take care of our own first, for a change!

Rusty White

7 Responses to “Why the world is turning its back on us”

  1. Jim Joling says:


    Blaming America for the ills of the World is something Obama has accepted and has apologized for time after time. It shows a very limited and immature of the World and of America’s contribution to freedom and security all over the World.

    As to “free healthcare”, 10% of our foreign contributions would not even cover Sandra Fluke’s request for birth control pills.

    Get real.

  2. Rusty White says:


    I’ll have to disagree, you see it takes a bigger man to accept reality. Owning up to our “years” of manipulation and bulling takes a lot of guts, has nothing to do with apologizing! Do you really believe these people in other countries just wake up one day and hate us, REALLY???

    How many “future” terrorist do you think our actions have caused? If you watched your whole innocent family be vaporized would you be ok with it???? Do you really think “OOPS” will make a difference to them???

    I guess you have some FACTS to support your supposed position? Talk about get real, next you claim it is wrong to take care of our own before others, RIGHT????

  3. Jim Popp says:


    Allegations like you make in your initial post don’t require a great deal of word space, just enough to make your false allegations regarding our country. There is no other country in the history of the world that has done so much good for others as America has done. They is no other nation in the history of the world that has given away so much for others’ good as America has done over the decades. Have we made some mistakes, we certainly have, but in the longrun America certainly has done much more good in the world compared to any mistakes.

    You and Obama can make all the apologies you want to for America, but just don’t act like you’re apologizing for all of us because I for one don’t believe we Americans have anything to apologize for to anyone in the world.

    McVeigh may have been a Baptist, but the Baptist church doctrine doesn’t call for the destruction of all other religions and denominations. McVeigh and his buddy were two nut cases and not thousands of religious radicals out to do anything to destroy our way of life in the Western world and every Jew they can.

    You’ll never agree with Jim Joling or people like Jim and me because you can’t see a thing correctly until it’s dumped right in your lap like 9/11 was. Even then, you want to blame America for us having been attacked. It’s much easier for people like you to blame America and live in your closed little world of liberal thinking, while relatively safe in America because of her past might and actions. However, reality is a much different thing and I pray God that Romney boots Obama out of office so we can restore America to what it was before Obama started gutting it.

  4. Rusty White says:


    REALLY??? So our money and the good we have done, makes up for the wrongs? You do know those that flew in to the towers “were not” from Iraq or Afghanistan , right? You do know when “nobody” else in this country could fly out, your king bush jr. let the Bin Laudin family and friends fly out?

    Beings how I joined the U.S. Army in 1969 I got some what of an idea of what it takes to keep this country safe as well as what it cost to do so, what year did you join? Having worked in “several” foreign countries I got to see first hand what others think of us and what it feels like being a minority in another country, can you say the same?

    Strange how you attempt assume things about me while trying to insult me and attack me, yet you failed to answer the questions, so I’ll ask them again!

    1. Would “YOU” accept Mexico or any other country sending drones over here and killing innocent me, women and babies claiming self justified reason for doing so???

    2. Who or what power gave us the right to force our beliefs on others out side our country?

    3. If we can “self justify” these wrongful actions and supposed rights, how is it wrong for any others to do the same?

    4.How many “future” terrorist do you think our actions have caused? If you watched your whole innocent family be vaporized would you be ok with it???? Do you really think “OOPS” will make a difference to them???

    Those like you and the Republican party gave us no other choice than Obama!

    Yep all I think about is myself while working 70+ hours a week so I can taking care of an 80 year old mother in a home at 4100 a month, while raising 2 granddaughters from infants to now teens as well as now a disabled wife of 27 years! You see bud, some people don’t whine about what life has put on them, they just take care of business!

  5. Jim Popp says:


    You are correct in that those who flew into the towers were not from Iraq or Afghanistan, but they were financed by Saddam in Iraq to a great degree and trained in terror camps in Afghanistan.

    I joined the Air Force in 1963 and served 4 years active duty, getting out in August 1967, just a few months prior to the Tet offensive in Feb 1968. And yes, I’ve been in a number of other countries too, both while in the Air Force and after as a civilian.

    I did not answer your questions for two reasons. First, it would take too long in here to do so, and secondly, it would be like me talking to a brick wall and that’s a complete waste of time on my part.

    I am honestly sorry to hear about your wife’s medical situation, and wish you and her well in that ongoing situation. I can and do relate to you raising your grandchildren too. Although I’m now retired,I raised my son by myself as a single parent, while putting in at least 70 hour weeks, building my own company. My son is now 45 and has a Masters Degree, so it looks like thankfully we were both successful in that endeavour.

    I never said you were a whiner Rusty. I did incinuate you were a liberal, left wing idealogical thinker, and it was you that then connected those two as being one in the same. I honestly can’t say I disagree with you making that connection though.

    From one vet to another, I wish you Peace and Happiness. We will never agree and probably will disagree on other subjects in here from time to time, but at least as Vets we both paid a little higher price than most to have those differing opinions.

    Until the next subject comes up we can disagree on, have a great day Rusty!

  6. Rusty White says:


    Brother you would be wrong about Saddam backing these idiots, Saddam feared them and didn’t want to give up any of his power to them, this is well documented.

    Thank you for your service to our country, but please remember it is “OUR” country! We both gave for it and neither of us should have any more say than the other! I for one don’t like “either” party, both just take turns feeding upon us all!

    They claim to represent the “common man” yet their is nothing but “millionaires” in office, can you say BS????

    I agree we can disagree and still be civil to one another, that is what “WE” both fought for, did we not?

    I too wish the best to you and yours from me and mine! We may argue and disagree but I’ll always have your back!!!


  7. The USA is known as a Christian nation all over the world. It is also known as a free market country. Now whether or not you agree with that, believe it, or admit it, it is true. The countries that “hate us” are countries that oppose our collective ideas, beliefs, and moralities that have made this country great throughout the years. Have we made mistakes, absolutely. Have we done people and other countries wrong? Yes we have. But if you look at the big picture, we have been a leader in the world in the fight for freedom and justice. Comparatively, we are the leader in the world for all things good, so yes, the world hates us for that. Name one country that does more than the US to help the world in times of duress.


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