Vote Britt for state rep

By Cody Fisher | Published Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Every election year I hear about our politicians involved in some kind of scandal or corruption. Even in school some of my friends talk about it, and at home it is all over the TV. Usually these politicians are on a national scale, and they make big news but when I looked into it, even some of our local politicians have got in trouble for similar things.

It’s hard for me to understand how elected officials can betray our trust like this. Even though many of them are Republican who are supposed to support the values of our community, this doesn’t stop them. Of course, both parties are guilty of this, and we can’t vote straight ticket when we know corruption is in both parties.

This is why I think we should vote out any incumbent who has given in to corruption. I support Matthew Britt for state representative this November, and I plan on telling everyone I can to do the same. He is very open with his campaign and has no record of any corruption. I support any politician that has shown their willingness to stay out of trouble and defend the values of our nation. When I went to his website, I was able to email him and get a response from him personally. Not many politicians are that willing to communicate with the voters.

Political corruption threatens our values and our nation. I, for one, want our nation to continue to be the outstanding country our founders intended it to be, but career politicians have got in the way of this. It’s time to tell Austin and Washington that we’ve had enough of corrupt behavior, and it’s time to restore our nation.

Cody Fisher

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