Vote against Obama and King

By Aaron Renaud | Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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This past decade has been one full of economic recklessness by Washington and other political centers.

In the light of day, we have seen billions handed out to corporations in the form of bailouts and welfare and in the dead of night, trillions funneled by the Fed – all at the expense of the hardworking American taxpayer.

This corporate socialism exists not only on the national level, but also in the heart of Texas, too. Many of our officials luxuriously spend campaign money on personal desires, take unethical gifts and blatantly spend tax money for their friends, rather than the Texan people. Obama, Phil King and other corrupt politicians consistently work to undo this country for self-profit.

Our representative for District 61, Phil King, is a prime example of a career politician selling conservative values to make a buck. He has been fined numerous times by the Texas Ethics Commission for corrupt practices and has publicly lied about receiving gifts from a utility corporation lobby. While his website says “integrity above all,” his record is another matter.

Obama and King have more in common than his crafted rhetoric would have you believe. King’s disregard for families and the well-being of pregnant women (as evidenced by his vote against protecting unborn infants from mercury poisoning) is directly in line with Obama’s attacks on traditional families.

Almost as shocking, King and Obama seem to care nothing about our ability to compete with China in the future. While our test scores flounder and schools face shortages, King has time and time again ended up on the wrong side of education. While he claims to keep Washington’s hands out of the community, he does nothing to restrain that of Austin’s, instead obstructing the empowerment of local teachers. China is a rising power and has no such qualms about growing educated, competitive students.

A vote for Obama and King will effectively guarantee a loss of American primacy. A vote for Obama and King is the extension of political corruption and the undoing of this beautiful nation. Come this November, put county and country before party and kick these bureaucrats out of office. If you want a democracy and not a monarchy, say “Nobama” and “No King.”

Aaron Renaud

3 Responses to “Vote against Obama and King”

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    TOTALLY agree about King…. Please revisit your facts on Obama.

    Unfortunately, King was re-elected for another two years by Acclamation. No Republican ran against him in the primary and No Dem ran in the primary for that seat.


  2. Tracy Smith says:

    I stand Corrected. Bad/Partisan reporting by the Messenger as usual. Being that the Candidate is from Decatur, the Messenger should be ahamed of such bad reporting of the facts.


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