The GOP seals my decision every time

By Angelou del Angel | Published Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Ever since I’ve been old enough to vote, my hope has always been to decide between two worthy presidential tickets of equal merit. I look forward to deliberating their platforms and qualifications intelligently before making a decision … and every cycle, I’m disappointed.

Consequently, I’ve never voted for the Democrats at the top of the ticket as much as I have against the Republicans. There has always been one instance or another that has solidified my vote by revelation of ignorance on the part of the GOP ticket, starting with my first year of eligibility, 2000, continuing right up until yesterday afternoon when I cast my ballot.

Back then, the irksome moment was every time President Bush said “nuke-you-ler.” It’s nuclear, pronounced “new-klee-uhr.” Call me crazy, but nobody’s fingers should be allowed near the big red button of doom if the mouth and mind attached can’t correctly pronounce the kind of weapon that button triggers. Subsequent research on him revealed an unsurprising trend of failure in business, and that trend continued into his two terms.

In 2000, I was hoping for John McCain to win the nomination; and in 2004, we don’t know how John Kerry would have run things, but an unknown over a certain failure is a lamentably easy choice.

Cue 2008. Finally, McCain gets the nomination, and the Democratic side is looking quite competent as well. Then, McCain picks Sarah Palin as his running mate, and during her interview with Katie Couric, Sarah gives Tina Fey the easiest boost of that comedienne’s career. Palin wrote Fey’s “Saturday Night Live” skit for her, almost word-for-word. The Alaska governor’s rambling, inchoate responses were nothing short of a national embarrassment. Moreover, with McCain’s health in decline, the thought of a President Palin was absolutely terrifying. So, once again, I voted against the Republican ticket.

All of which brings us back to this year. Obama is, well, Obama, for better and worse. Romney is looking a little shifty, indecisive, and out of touch, but at least he hadn’t said anything displaying anywhere near the kind of ignorance we’d seen from Dubya and Palin … at least not until the third debate Monday night. That’s when he let slip that Syria is “Iran’s closest ally, their route to the sea.”

Half a second’s glance at a map of the Middle East to shows that cannot be the case. If not debunked by geography, all it takes is a recollection of Iran’s bluster and brouhaha from earlier this year, when they threatened to cut off the Strait of Hormuz. The point is, Iran has a coastline, and a navy, and thus, their own access to the sea. Clearly Mitt didn’t recall that crucial fact.

If the debate blunder wasn’t a case of Romney being completely clueless, then at the very least he was phoning his answers in. I’ve also heard that he’s used that line at stump speeches on the campaign trail, and if that is truly the case, it’s even worse. At some point, someone on his team should have corrected him … with a simple display of a map.

I don’t think that I, a private citizen, ask too much to expect my President to have a better command of geography and issues than I. That moment, however it came to be, displays a critical lack of understanding that is unbecoming of the Oval Office. This is especially true in light of the fact that foreign policy is the one area where a president has the most sway. On domestic issues, he’s checked by the courts and the Congress, but when it comes to issues outside the country, it’s just him, his State Department, and if need be, the Armed Forces.

And so, Romney’s miscue is filed away in my mind, like so many other Republican blunders that had me voting not for this issue or that, but rather, against mind-boggling incompetence. Add in all the boneheaded comments from Tea-Party backed candidates regarding rape, and the GOP is getting dimmer and dimmer in more ways than one.

Angelou del Angel

9 Responses to “The GOP seals my decision every time”

  1. Robert Cox says:

    Yes, because obama has done such a stellar job! ” mind-boggling incompetence” is a good description of the current admin, It hardly describes a successful person such as Romney. After all, look how well obama stood and watched 4 Americans get murdered without sending any help even tho he had requests! Please explain what obama has been successful at……besides weakening America.

    Republicans don’t decide your vote. You never vote Republican. Now, if there were an even more liberal candidate maybe you would consider it…..

  2. Jim Popp says:

    Apparently you are a Democrat liberal who will use any reason your mind comes up with to not vote for the GOP candidate. That’s OK too, that’s your right, but please don’t try and say it’s because of these feeble excuses you posed in your letter. Based on your own reasoning, Obama has been in office for almost four full years now and if I remember correctly, one speaking gaff he made was when he stated that he had been to all 57 states at one time! Based on that, how could you vote for a man as POTUS that doesn’t know how many states there really are in the United States? No my friend, as I said, you are just a Liberal Democrat, so be proud of that and go on, without these feeble excuses you put in this letter.

    In my own opinion, Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country in my lifetime of 66 years, in EVERY WAY, and my opinion has nothing at all to do with any pathetic little speaking gaffs he’s made. It’s based on his record of decisions and his actions in the last four years he’s been in office.

  3. Andy Sabo says:

    Um, so you were ok with Obama visiting 57 U.S. states back in 2008? Americans are traditionally horrible at geography, myself included. I’d rather the President know how many states are in OUR country than what country is south of Iran (admittedly, I KNOW this was just a slip up by him). I think handling the Libyan embassy security issues better trumps geography lessons when a politican has crammed for weeks preparing for debates, and makes one slip up. If you stick with your logic, you would never vote for O. So just cast your vote as you see fit, and don’t attempt to justify it. Your beliefs are your beliefs – vote that way. Don’t make excuses. I vote on issues. I won’t make excuses for why I believe the way I do, and I vote my conscience.

  4. El Pulpo says:

    You’re seriously not voting for Republican candidates because of their political gaffes? Sounds to me like you’re just trying to rationalize your voting for a President with failed policies and broken promises. If I was to think like you, I would be concerned about voting for Obama who admitted to his “Muslim faith.” Ordinarily, that may not be a problem but with Obama, it is probably why he hasn’t taken a stiffer stance on Iran and why he hasn’t done much to clear up what happened in Benghazi.

  5. Oh my, where do I start? First of all, you’re shallow political views are so blatant that I wish you would just stay at home. To not vote for someone because of their pronunciation of a word? And I’m sure you pronounce everything correctly. and while we’re on presidential gaffes, lest we forget these (just a few of the many)

    “The Bomb” that fell on Pearl Harbor
    10,000 People (A Whole Town!) Died in Kansas ~ Oops, Overstated by 9,988
    Blames Hugo Chavez’s Election on (ta da) BUSH! Oops.
    Bows to the Chicom President
    Bows to the Emperor of Japan
    Bows to the Saudi King
    Expects to be President for “Eight to Ten Years”
    Gives the Queen an iPod
    Had an Imaginary Assignment to the Senate Banking Committee
    Has Visited 57 States (geography issues in his own country)
    Harvard Degree ~ Mechanical Engineering? No, Definitely NOT!
    Totally screwed up while taking the oath of office

    I can come up with at least 30 or 40 more. My point is, you don’t view the sides equally, You are slanted far left. You didn’t mention the fear of having Biden and Pelosi ruin our country. I can assure you, Sarah Palin could run this country far better than the poor excuse for a president we have now.

  6. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Well, reading the letter made me mad, reading the comments gave me hope that for every Obama supporter out there, maybe there are 5 that see the wolf behind a sheep’s mask.

  7. Tracy Smith says:

    The letter said the political Gaffe Sealed the Deal, The only shallow thing I’m seeing is the depth of the readers comments and the understanding of what the writer is trying to say. Clearly the author is voting for Obama because of a myriad of issues the Republicans have presented. Good for you Angelou.

  8. So how did all that talk about rape work out for the GOP?

  9. Robert Cox says:

    We’ll never know since the votes were tainted! Good job of cheating the vote, dems! You’ve officially killed America!


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