Thanks for series on the Drug War

By Rusty White | Published Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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I would like to thank the Wise County Messenger for having the honesty and guts to publish the articles about this failure known as the “War on Drugs” – as well as those that had the heart to participate and comment.

I was hoping for more open discussion about this subject and the harm it is causing. But I realize many are afraid of being ridiculed and chastised for doing so, and others can’t admit or can’t accept that they have been wrong in supporting this failure. Believe me, it was not an easy thing to do – especially if you spent years, or your whole life, fighting this failed war as “thousands” of those at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” (www.leap.cc) have done. It is even tougher to face the harm that you help force on families and the public as well!

It is also hard to support one’s position when the truth, facts, reality, common sense and documented history can’t be used to do so. We at least got to hear some other voices and see some documented realities. For far too long only one side of this issue has been in print and on TV.

In my past presentations, I have had those who said, “The reason we are not winning is because we are not tough enough on those not following the laws.” Sadly, the numbers and statistics do not support their opinions. We have more people in prison and jails than any other country on earth, and one-third do not have any “violence or victims” connected with their supposed crimes. Our failed policies have destroyed entire families while creating one parent and many times no parents in the homes across this land – and our military tactics diminish our freedoms and liberties while sadly killing and maiming innocent citizens from infants to the elderly. How is this not tough enough? (www.drugwarvictims.org by Drug warrants)

Some are so blinded by taught hate and fear-mongering propaganda and manipulation that they believe we should “kill” those providing what our citizens want. Then they claim to still be people of faith? In other parts of the world they do kill these people, and guess what? Every year they have to kill more and more!

I know Sheriff Walker has had his plate full, but I was hoping for the actual numbers of tickets written in the last 12 months for simple possession and drug use items versus arrests. How intellectually dishonest is it for us all to agree that what people do in their own homes is none of anybody else’s business, when we leave them no pathway for this to happen? Instead, the reality is that we destroy families and waste tax dollars arresting and locking up those that have “no victims or violence” in their supposed crime.

As a once-willing participant in this failure, and as an American and a human being and a taxpayer, I refuse to see our limited tax dollars and resources wasted on this failure any longer! Nor will I remain silent any longer while being forced to support the loss of our freedoms and liberties as well as the unjustifiable harm and misery. Sadly both sides of this failed war are making big money and enjoying job security, funded off the misery of others – and we, the taxpayers, are forced to pay for it all, while feeding our nation’s young and old to it!

There has to be a better way. Help us find it!

Rusty White
speaker www.leap.cc

11 Responses to “Thanks for series on the Drug War”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Never say Never, there is still HOPE!

    Slowly the American people are starting to stand up and refuse to see their tax dollars and resources misused and families destroyed and terrorized over a “God” given plant meant for “ALL” mankind! Washington and Colorado are the first 2 states to “accept” and recognize the will and votes of their citizens, how long will it take for the Great State of Texas? As other countries around the world have accepted the freedoms and choices of their citizens while seeing the decrease in the misuse of their tax dollars and resources and a overwhelming reduction in harm and crimes rates , when will we? Amsterdam has excepted the use of pot for “years” , yet their teen rate is “HALF” what ours it, so where is the honesty for those claiming everybody will go crazy now?

    Not only will the citizens see the harms reduced but the tax payers will as well. From more resources going to real crime and less burden on their courts, jails, probation and prison. Another plus is the bad guys just lost 75% of their illegal funds to support their organizations. Legalization is more of a threat to the bad guys than “any and all weapons” ever used in this 40+ year failure known as the war on drugs, FACT!

    No longer in these states will their young and old receive “life time” criminal records which has proven to force many of them to make a living on the dark side. No longer will citizens be “forced” to drink alcohol in these states, there are many studies proving those that wrongfully choose to drive after smoking pot are safer and less of a threat than those who drink! (www.drugwarfacts.org ) As with anyone acting irresponsible if it be alcohol, legal drugs or illegal drugs each should be held accountable for their careless actions, “”BUT”” not as it is in today’s “witch hunts” holding “all” just as guilty as the worst offenders!

    Unlike in this county, state and many other states where many of us agree that” what people do in their own homes is nobody else’s business”, in these two states now their citizens actual have that legal option with a safe and legal path way!

    Everybody is waiting to see what the Feds do, are they going to deny the free will of the voters? They can’t handle the load they have now, does anyone really think they have the resources and manpower to go after a “legal majority” of citizens? The best thing to come out of these two states is, all around the world other countries who have been bribed, bullied and manipulated in to following our failed policy now see the truth! That being it is coming more and more clear the citizens of America do not support this failure, when given the chance to vote on it! So why should they turn their countries in to a war zone and sacrifice their resources and citizens for a known failure?

    Just like with the failed prohibition of alcohol, even though well meaning IT FAILED! Those before us had the courage and honesty to admit their failed policies were doing far more harm than good, when will we have the same honesty and courage??? Here is known fact I dare anyone to dispute, there is not “one” recorded successful prohibition “ever” in the recorded history of this plant, NOT ONE! So knowing this truth how realistic is it to continue this madness????

    THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker http://www.leap.cc

  2. Rusty White says:

    Maybe due to his work load we can help the Sheriff to answer some of the questions I asked him in my comments? The WCM posts the arrests made weekly in Wise County, right? If so can you give us a number as to how many arrests were made in the last 12 months for small amounts of pot and drug use items? Then all the Sheriff has to provide is the number of tickets for the same offense during the last 12 months, right? This will let the citizens and tax payers see what the numbers off arrests verse tickets are and where their resources and tax dollars are being spent, will it not? May be the court records can provide this information, I’ll see what I can find as well.

    As you know and everybody has witnessed I am limited “at best” on the abilities and capabilities and the use of computers. Does the WCM have the capability to place some pole questions on your site? It would be interesting to see the response to some questions that need answers in this county, it might increase the number of citizens participating on the WCM site as well. Here are some pole questions I would like to purpose.

    1. Do you support the latest USSC ruling that police officers no longer need a warrant to enter a citizens home? ( Not talking about “hot pursuit”, but now all that is needed is an officers belief there is a need for he or her to enter a home)

    2. Do you support the Texas law pasted 2 years ago, where as a police officer can issue a ticket for less than 4 ounces of pot, rather than arresting the person?

    3. Do you support our courts, jails, prisons , resources and tax dollars being use for low level drug violator’s who have no victims or violence?

    4. Do you support the use of military tactics, weapons, and armament by police officers when it is known there are children and elderly in the homes and without any over sight from the citizens and tax payers?

    5. Do you support giving “life time” criminal records to our citizens, who have no victims or violence related to their drug violations?

    6. Do you believe it is still true in Wise County and America, a person can do the time for their crime and then not have their past effect their future?

    Just a few off the top of my head.

  3. Rusty White says:

    It might help bring some actual numbers to light if some of the readers posted reports about themselves or of people they know that have been arrested for small amounts of pot and/or drug use items? I know it take a lot of courage to take a stand and openly voice your opinions. But if we don’t this circle of madness will only continue as will the harm as well. Those now and those coming behind us “deserve” the same sacrifices and courage those before us showed, stand up!

    I am hearing stories of people being arrested by DPS, Sheriff and city officers and having their vehicles towed and impounded then forced to bond out of jail, or sit there till a court date. Many of these reports state there wasn’t even any small amounts of drugs present only “possibly” drug use items???

    I believe the more our citizens as tax payers see where our money and resources are being spent as well as harm being done, many will start to ask questions! Not only does the person lose money and freedom but the “whole entire “ families suffer with less food for their children and ability to provide shelter. While we the tax payers get to foot the cost for the lost resources, officer, vehicle, time as well as food and medical expenses while these people are in jail, we pay for the courts, lawyers, etc… Not to mention the lost resources that could be better used on real crime and criminals. We also lose time in our lives for jury duty, even though there is no violence or victims in the “overwhelming” number of these cases.

    We as citizens and tax payers must ask the question, is the return for our tax dollars worth it and is this doing more harm than good? After 40+ years of doing the same thing, should not things have “at the least” changed by now as well as the harm being done to “both” the tax payers and our citizens? Is there “anyone’ that actually believe this failure known as the war on drugs is, has or ever will work???

    Only through open and honest discussion will we find the right and just path, stand up and be counted!

    Rusty White
    Speaker http://www.leap.cc

  4. It must be great when you can make up your own ‘FACTS’ and expect people to believe it….

    Sounds a lot like our current White House occupant.

  5. Rusty White says:


    Care to show where facts have been “made up”, once again you come with nothing to support your beliefs and opinions. I and http://www.leap.cc are open to honest discussions, so if you have an idea to fix this problem lets hear it.

    Sorry the majority voted against “your” party and canidate, I guess in your world everybody that doesn’t agree with you must be wrong how sad!

  6. Rusty, just because someone posts something on a “pro-marijuana” website on the internet doesn’t make it true.

    And yes, you are right. The Majority DID vote the moron back into office… these are the same peoplle who are getting welfare, medicaid, food stamps, free Obama phones, free rent, free college, a Lone Star Card, free medical, disability and unemployment… why would they get rid of the ‘freebies’ by voting in an intelligent candidate……

  7. Rusty White says:


    You might want to go back to www,drugwarfacts.og they are “NOT” what you attempt to portray them as, FACT! Everything on that site has the “documentation” to prove what they print, much of which is your own governments published information, FACT! Why would you lie about a site that is accepted around the world, yet you provide “nothing” to support your biases, hate and fear mongering?

    It is easy to see your hate, do you really believe it was just those you slander that voted our President back in to office, how sad your life must be.:( You might want to find help with some faith groups you clearly must be in need of some, wish you luck!


  8. People probably don’t respond because A)They don’t agree, B)They don’t want to waste their time arguing with a fence post, C)You state everything as pure fact when in fact, it is only information you have garnished from pro-marijuana websites, etc.

    I have learned to close my ears when people speak out in favor of legalizing drugs because you see, I have witnessed the harm marijuana can do. I have seen people gripped by the addictive nature of this “harmless” drug. I know personally your facts are not facts, just opinions. I could care less what your statistics say. They don’t hold up against real world instances that have cost people jobs, careers, families, and in some cases everything people owned. The war on drugs may not be successful, but that doesn’t mean you throw out the baby with the bath water. You don’t give up on the war, you re-evaluate your plan and try something else.

  9. Rusty White says:

    How is it “your” life experiences should be used to justify harming “millions” of others who don’t live the life you claim? The facts are not mine nor made up as you assume, each is documented and much is that provided by our own government, FACT! The site you speak of provides truth, while your welcome to your own opinions you are not welcome to deny others the truth! You speak of your life experiences, how does that stack up against the “200+” speakers at http://www.leap.cc each being a present or past person which many spent their entire adult lives fighting this failure known as the war on drugs? When you have “thousands” of present and former Presidents, Governors, Judges, DA’s, Officers, standing up against this failure, do you really think your one life’s experiences out weight the “thousands” of others???

    I refuse to accept your position of basically “doing something is better than doing nothing”, the reason being the documented failures, facts, reality, common sense and honesty do not support your position. This failed war you support is a war against our “OWN” nations fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, it is a failure not because I say so, but from it’s “”own”” recorded and documented history, FACT! I invite you to go back to http://www.leap.cc click on “speakers” each has a short BIO take a look at those and their history of service to their communities and states and country! How much misery do you think we have seen, yet are now willing and honest enough to stand and admit this failed policy is doing far more harm than good.

    Those that you say you have seen marijuana ruin their lives, was it from their actions that harmed others, or was it from the laws and enforcement that ruined their lives? If those that chose to use marijuana while not letting their personal choices effect others. Could keep their jobs, quit being arrested and having their homes violated while terrorizing the elderly to infants, and stopped getting a “life time” criminal record. Were stopped from being forced to give up their money to bondsmen, towing & impound, courts, lawyers, probation etc… do you think their lives would still be ruined, I THINK NOT!

    Every day as more of the truth comes out and common sense and Individual Freedoms retake control from the 40+ years of propaganda and lies, people that believe differently than you are becoming a majority no longer a “violated and fed upon minority“! Washington and Colorado are proof of this FACT, are they not???

    The everyday citizen and tax payers are starting to realize and standing and refusing to be forced to support this known failure and the harm it is causing, as it should be!

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker http://www.leap.cc

  10. Bottom line, we have laws, and people need to obey them. If you don’t like the law, work to change it. Hopefully the present majority will continue to rule.

    Turning a blind eye to the laws on the books is not the answer. Repealing the law is if the law is not valid. In the mean time, I am glad drugs are illegal and that our law enforcement officers, prosecuters, and judges have the balls to enforce them. And I could care less about the 200. There are thousands upon thousands of police officers and other people that work in the field, and I’m sure there are differing opinions that are just as valid. You can always find a number of people that will agree with any stance you know.

  11. Rusty White says:


    Here in Texas “2 YEARS” ago we passed a law that anyone with less than 4 oz.of pot could recieve a ticket instead of going to jail, FACT! This would have safed our resources for real crime while reducing the harm being done to families in Wise County, FACT! So tell me about the law is the law????

    You speak of the 200+ speakers yet forget about the “thousands” of memebers. You say you could care less about their documented service records many with over 35 years, REALLY? Are you one of those that feeds your family off the misery of others?

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!


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