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By Cody Lee | Published Saturday, August 25, 2012

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The Republican Party has come under fire in recent years for what many believe is the GOP’s break from truly conservative principles. In turn, presidential contender Mitt Romney has also drawn ire from a contingent of conservatives for what they consider his moderate stance on various policies and platforms. But all of that is changing. Thus far, the GOP has adopted 10 of FreedomWorks’ 12 conservative platforms, revealing to me that the small-government, pro-liberty movement is indeed powerful and can affect change.

What’s more, between choosing Paul Ryan to run for vice president and rumors that Romney would tap Jay Sekulow to become a Supreme Court Justice, I believe the Republican nominee is making the right choices and proving he seeks to be true to the small-government, fiscally-responsible tenets of conservatism.

For those unfamiliar, Sekulow, one of the “25 most influential Evangelicals in America,” according to TIME Magazine, is a leading lawyer in the arena of religious freedom and has been a champion of expanding liberties and civil rights. TIME even considers the formidable attorney “a powerful counterweight to the ACLU.”

The GOP establishment is indeed changing, and our priority must be on seeing Romney and Ryan elected. Conservatives will still be tough and hold the two men accountable should they falter, but they deserve the chance to prove themselves.

For reference, FreedomWorks “12 for 12” platforms are as follows:

1. Repeal Obamacare; Pursue patient-centered care
2. Stop the tax hikes
3. Reverse Obama’s spending increases
4. Scrap the Code; Replace it with a flat tax
5. Pass a balanced budget amendment
6. Reject cap and trade
7. Rein in the Environmental Protection Agency
8. Unleash America’s vast energy potential
9. Eliminate the Department of Education
10. Reduce the bloated federal workforce
11. Curtail excessive federal regulation
12. Audit the Fed

Cody Lee

2 Responses to “Support Romney and Ryan”

  1. After last night’s RNC, if people can’t see the fire in the bellies of the GOP ticket, you are either in denial or refusal. What a powerful line up, from Ann Romney to Governor Christie. Romney is a self made leader, father, husband, and business man who has the potential of getting this great country back on track. The current administration has done what they can to mess this country up, and hopefully it’s not to late. What a great ticket!

  2. Maritha Gan says:

    You people are delusional. Watch this and tell me the GOP is not evil and part of the Left/Right evil empire. This is shameful behavior!!! Dare you to watch this to the end and have pride in this party…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B39W91O-rUg&feature=player_embedded I am disgusted in the Old Guard Republicans and their evil ways.


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