Support education: Vote for Britt

By Hayley Raasch | Published Saturday, August 11, 2012

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I was a junior in high school during the spring of 2011, when the last round of budget cuts were enacted by the state legislature. It was a troubling time, not only for the staff of the school, but for the students as well. Every day, new rumors would spread, and people would worry about what Rep. Phil King and the state legislature was going to do to our school. We were all nervous about which teachers would be asked to retire early, which staff members would be let go, and which programs would be cut.

I, for one, do not wish to see those students younger than me continue to live in fear as my grade did when I was in high school. This is why we must elect state representatives who will make sure that 2013 is not a repeat of 2011. This is why we must elect people like Matthew Britt, who will put education at the top of the list of priorities in Texas, not at the bottom.

I encourage all of those who care about education to send a message to Austin by voting for Matthew Britt for state representative in November. Let them know that we care about our schools.

Hayley Raasch

2 Responses to “Support education: Vote for Britt”

  1. Hayley,

    I applaud you for getting involved in politics at such an early age, and for boldly expressing your opinion and supporting your beliefs.

    I encourage you to go even deeper and do more research on the topic, and to also be open to considering the good things that can happen with budget cuts such as eleminating waste, etc. Also to explore exactly why the budget cuts happened.

    When the economy falls like it started to in 07 and 08, and continues to fall, things must be cut, the belt must be tightened. The fiscally responsible thing to do in those times it to not just see who deserves the money more, but to see also where the most waste lies. Looking around at the extreme waste of many school districts, that was a prime target. Multi Billion athletic complexes, new mega-schools with extreme art decor, administrators pulling down six plus figures, out of state and out of country travel for training. It’s no wonder our state’s schools became a prime target.

    Keep up the involvement, and keep doing research.

    Thank you.

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    A vote for Britt is a vote against Phil King. I will be voting for him.


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