Stop domestic violence before tragedy

By Robert Johnson | Published Saturday, December 1, 2012

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I was very saddened by the murder of Samantha McNorton and also the suicide of David Malone. It was another senseless tragedy. I think about how many times I have seen people around me in such relationships and hope and pray it would never reach the point of murder. It’s sad that when it’s a sane couple, we often think, “Oh, that’s just how they are, and they will be fine after they fight.”

I have been in abusive relationships and felt threatened many times or pushed to the point where I felt I would have to do something very drastic in order to leave at that specific moment. I thank God that it never came to murder, but it has left a lasting effect on my life. It left me weak, fearful, shameful and full of anger. It is something I continue to work through until I get to a better place in my life.

If you are in an abusive relationship, I beg you to get help now, before it is too late. My heart goes out to both families because they have both lost a loved one. No one wins! We as a community must do all we can to stop domestic violence before it reaches such tragic proportions in our lives and the lives around us.

Thank you,

Robert Johnson

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