Sadness in wake of the election

By Marc Moore | Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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The election is over, and I am sad because we still live in a country where our president and his party believe it is OK to murder over 3,000 unborn children every day. People say “Life goes on …” Not for all.

The election is over, and I am sad because we still live in a country where our president and his party believe in and put their stamp of approval on homosexual marriage – a lifestyle choice that disastrously undermines the God-ordained institution of marriage and the father-and-mother families it produces, the building blocks of great nations.

The election is over, and I am sad because we still live in a country that I believe is more divided today than it was in 1861, at the onset of the Civil War. I am sad because Jesus Himself said, “Any kingdom where people fight each other will end up ruined. And a town or family that fights will soon destroy itself.” Matthew 12:25 CEV.

Folks, it’s not about Democrat or Republican, how will I vote? The question we must ask ourselves is “God or no God, how will I live?”

Marc Moore

43 Responses to “Sadness in wake of the election”

  1. Rusty White says:


    I am sad too, that there are those that still can’t understand they have “no special” rights over others regardless of their supposed faith and self proclaimed superior beliefs. There is a reason you are in the minority, could it possibly be that your beliefs are not that of the majorities beliefs?

    “”our president and his party believe it is OK to murder over 3,000 unborn children every day.”” Sad misrepresentation of the truth and unwarranted slander of our President and a party, why? Here is clue for ya, in the real world many chose not to drive our countries young mothers back in to the allies of this country! Where history has documented the lose of both mother and fetus. The majority chose to leave this matter between the family and their doctor, while providing a safe environment where in the worst case we at least save one life! The majority voted for everybody to mind their own dam* business, if your not part of the family! Just so you know I got married at 16, because I didn’t believe in abortions “”BUT”” that did not give me the right to force my beliefs on others!!!

    our president and his party believe in and put their stamp of approval on homosexual marriage – Another misrepresentation 2 for 2, the reality is the majority recognized the values and principals of “Individual Freedoms” and fairness to “ALL” in our laws.

    “”a lifestyle choice that disastrously undermines the God-ordained institution of marriage and the father-and-mother families it produces, the building blocks of great nations.””
    Well 3 for 3, while it is true this may go against “your” beliefs and teaching, this country is for “ALL” not just you and those that believe like you. I for one could careless about other peoples choices, my beliefs and faith are far stronger and need no public acceptance or any special status, why aren’t yours?

    “”I believe is more divided today than it was in 1861, at the onset of the Civil War.”” Sadly you are correct on this one, “but” the question and answer is one you probably can’t accept! You see a “free people” all having the same rights and equality as any others, “refuse” to let a minority force their self justified beliefs and self serving agendas over all others! Your welcome for you and yours to believe as you see fit, “but” you are not welcome to force it on others or their young or in to public schools, laws while attempting to demand “special” status or rights above any others, fact!

    “Any kingdom where people fight each other will end up ruined. And a town or family that fights will soon destroy itself.” Matthew 12:25 CEV. So why are you continuing to attempt to force your beliefs on all others, thereby starting and continuing the fight? How is it those like you can’t just live and let live and each of us mind our own dam* business?

    “””Folks, it’s not about Democrat or Republican, how will I vote? The question we must ask ourselves is “God or no God, how will I live?””””
    REALLY??? So your faith and beliefs are so weak as to losing them because others refuse to bow to you and them? You still don’t get it, again this country was build on the lives and blood of “ALL” kinds of Americans and of many different beliefs and faiths and those with none at all! It “is not” for just those that self proclaim themselves to be more righteous than any others or those claiming supposed status of the “chosen ones”!

    Like I have said many time, I have never had a problem with the “Almighty”, the problem has always been with “His” supposed cheerleaders falsely claiming to be acting with “His” permission and “His” name!

    If you really want to end the fighting between our people, then practice what you preach while “EQUALLY” respecting the rights of others not to accept your perceptions of how all others should live and believe! You know live and let live and to each their own!IMHO

  2. Thank you RWLEAP for correcting this disgusting and hateful letter. This makes me sick.

  3. Rusty White says:


    You are welcome, no longer can the majority refuse to speak out! For way to long a minority has controlled this state and many counties, time to stand up and shut them down! I joined the U.S. Army in 1969 so that “ALL” Americans could believe as they see fit, “”NOT”” so one group could claim they are some how more special than others with special rights and privileges!!!

    Times are a changing, those unafraid to stand up will pave the way for those coming behind us , so I ask who will stand??? No one faith or belief has a monopoly on this country, as it should be!

  4. Right on the head Rusty! Great, well written response to a hateful, disgusting letter!

  5. Rusty White says:


    Thanks, if more of us in the majority refuse to be silent things will change! There are way more of us than there is of these self serving “supposed” chosen ones, sadly we have let them manipulate our laws and our public servants to the point they are doing more harm than good! most digustling of all it is under the guise of “for our own good”!

    All I ask is “everybody” mind their own dam* business as well as they try and force their perception and beliefs as to how everyone else should live! To each there own live and let live, PERIOD!

  6. Robert Cox says:

    Marc Moore, thank you for speaking up for truth. The logic that is used here says “I’m not for murdering anyone, but if you decide to, who am I to say anything about it”? That’s why we have LAWS, folks. Civilized societies have LAWS! This is the same bunch that would legalize marijuana. Why stop there? Legalize heroin and meth too! Why not? And the Democratic Party DID vetoed to include SSM and abortion in their platform. You remember….it was the same time they denied God 3x and had to force Him in despite the obvious disapproval from the crowd. Funny to me that this can be a “hateful and disgusting letter” yet ripping full term babies limb from limb or just snipping their spinal cord with scissors after they are out of the womb is ok. What is hateful and disgusting the fall from morals that this country is having to endure right now. It’s ok, you guys. It’ll be coming to a just end soon enough! God help us all!

  7. Jim Popp says:


    Your assumption for the basis of your initial letter was incorrect, in my opinion. The issues you bring up are only side affects of Obama winnimg this last election but not again, in my opinion, the real reason he was re-elected.

    Obams was re-elected for two main reasons, the first of which was because of 3 million fundementalist Christians refusing to go vote because Romney was/is a Mormon. The absolute true definition of “cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face”.

    The second main reason for Obama’s re-election was his ability as a sitting POTUS to give away bobbles and trinkets to the population, via all kinds of free money benifit programs, the least of which is free cell phones to a certain economic group.

    Yes, we are a very divided country, but as a professed Christian you must also believe in the mighty power of prayer and have faith that The Lord’s Will, will be done in the end. Remember, The Lord Works in mysterious ways!


    Why don’t you stop picking on Marc so badly and in/with such anger. He was merely expressing his opinion, in a rather calm manner. Those who think and feel like you do Rusty are not the great majority that you think you are, after this last election’s results. I’d be real careful about what you think is a proposed public mandate for those who feel as you do, after this last election’s results. As I said above, three million Fundamentalist Christians stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney because of some misguided beliefs about his being a Mormon. Even many of those who voted for Obama didn’t vote for him with any idea in mind of the issues Marc mentioned and you seem to want to dwell and slam Marc on. They voted for the freebie bobbles and trinkets, first and foremost and the issues Marc mentioned weren’t even a part of their decision making.

    Peace Bro!

  8. Rusty White says:


    There were “laws” against alcohol that our grandparents had the honesty and guts to throw out were there not? Why do you cloud the issue with fear mongering, murder has a victim, that is a far cry from some one making choice you or I would not while harming no one.

    Your government will give you documented proof that after 40+ years and a trillion tax dollars later while locking up more people than any other country. That the bad guys “STILL” control every aspect of illegal drugs price, purity, and “AGE LIMIT”, fact! They use their profits to support their organizations all over the world! So knowing these truths you tell all of us “which” drugs do “YOU” choose to leave in their control to be sold to our young and that they can continue to control the drug world, WHICH ONES??? Because no matter the laws or the well meaning hopes, it has not and will not work, period! Here is another clue for ya, there is not a prohibition that has ever worked any where on this planet!

    No one can stop abortions, our documented past proves that point! You would rather interfere in others personal family matters while putting back “both the mother and the fetus” in back allies of this county, NO THANKS! This matter should be left between the family and their doctor and “everybody” else mind your own dam* business!

    You keep claiming to be a person of faith, yet IMHO you show very little of it!

  9. Rusty White says:


    Can’t go a long with you on this one, my anger was and is justified. As for who is the majority I’ll stand with my beliefs and you stand with your “”BUT”” neither of us has the right to force them on any others, right? When people try and use faith and their supposed beliefs as a weapon against others to achieve their self serving worldly agendas, I will stand every time against them, period!

    You speak of a mandate, yet when Bush Jr. won with his numbers all claimed it was a mandate, President Obama win by a far greater number and some say he just barely made it, you don’t see a double standard in this argument?

    Those that stayed home exercised their rights did they not, yet you seem to portray them for causing your party to lose and their actions and beliefs were wrong, is that correct? People are sick and tired of “some” using their supposed faith to be used as a weapon and a tool to achieve their self serving agendas! How bad does it look when those supposedly of the same beliefs can’t even get a long with each other?

    You speak of bobbles and trinkets, so I guess you have some facts to support your assumptions? While I do value your opinion I do not believe you have the right to be claiming to know how and why others voted, yours would be a guess just like mine, would it not?

    The one sure thing is, the majority has spoken so it is over! Now they all need to do their jobs and quit this political BS. IMHO

    Be safe BRO!

  10. Robert Cox says:

    So…..there is no victim in abortion? If that’s what you believe, then you and I will never see eye to eye. And as for my faith……who are you to question anybody’s faith when you make statements like “there is no victim in abortion?” God said that He knows who we are in the womb before we were even formed (Jer 1:5), so your opinion is in direct contrast with God’s. As for drugs…..yeah, we’re losing that war. Look around at some other countries and see what they’re doing that is working for them. Unfortunately, I happen to know quite a bit about drugs. They are a scourge on humanity. And it is our own individual choices that put us where we are. Personally, I think Texas would be better served by forcing drug rehab programs instead of jail time. But the only ones that I’ve ever seen work on a consistent basis (not 100%) were faith based programs. And we know how you and many others feel about separation of church and state…even tho that is no where in the Constitution and was in a letter that Jefferson wrote to the Dansbury church pastor to assure him that the state wouldn’t try to interfere with church matters. You know, like they do nowadays….

    Child molesters claim to be “born that way”. Do you think they should be free to exercise their personal freedoms too? Are you aware of NAMBLA? Google it. These acts ARE detrimental to our society. Believe what you want, and I’ll do the same. But can you stop being so hateful to those who disagree with you? Others believe in their opinions just as strongly (or stronger) as you believe in yours…..

  11. Rusty White says:


    Care to show were I said their was no victim in abortion, once again you cloud the issue for your own agenda.Then you use the same “misreprentation”

  12. Rusty White says:



    Care to show were I said there was no victim in abortion, once again you cloud the issue for your own agenda. Then you use the same “misrepresentation” to claim I am going against “God”, really? Then you ask who I am to judge others about faith, just following your lead except mine was an observation not a condemnation!

    You would be correct about look around at other countries as to how they are addressing their drug problems. Portugal de-criminalized “all” personal use amount of drugs and their people are not going stupid and their crime rate is down, and their police can use their resources and manpower on “real” crimes. Look at Switzerland where they have had a heroin program in place for over 10 years, their crime rate went from 82% to 6%, their death rate was 112 a year now it is nothing! The Netherlands has been letting their people use pot for YEARS, yet their teen usage is “half’ of what our is, fact!

    Forcing people in to rehab tramples on all kinds of rights and freedoms, because “some” believe all who do drugs are bad, and out of control and that is pure BS! That is like saying all who drink are drunks, everybody knows that is a lie.

    You know very little about me or my beliefs, my “Almighty” does not want forced believers nor does “He” want “His” teaching used as a weapon against “his” flock! “He” does not want supposed believers using “him” as an excuse to force their own worldly agendas on others, FACT! You bet I am for separation of church and state, “BECAUSE” our nation is not of one belief it is for “ALL” even those of no beliefs at all! Knowing right from wrong is taught by all faiths as well as those of no faith, for some to claim to be more moral than others is disgusting at best, and goes against “His” teaching as well!

    Sad again you bring up fear mongering with your child molester comment, there again a “crime” with a victim. Then out the other side of your mouth you say I need to stop being so hateful really??? You have a documented history on this site, you have shown your hate for others and President Obama “many times”, you might want to start practicing what you preach!

    Sadly many take my lack of skills and my passion for these subjects as an attack on others, while in truth all I am doing is standing my ground, and calling it like I see it and as I believe! For way to long a minority has forced their beliefs on all others and in to our laws, I for one will remain silent NO LONGER! This country was founded and is for “ALL”, not those that self proclaimed to be the “chosen ones”! No one belief has more rights or special status over any others, AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

    Live and Let Live, if everybody minded their own dam* business we would all be better off! IMHO

  13. Jim Popp says:


    I know you posted this comment to someone else, but just so you and I are clear my friend, I never had stated, nor have I thought, that you lacked ANY skills. I would never do that to you!

    OK, back to my post. I used the exit polls for reasons why people voted a certain way as the basis for my statements regarding what people voted for when voting for Obama. EVERY poll, conservative or liberal based, showed very clearly that women’s issues, such as abortion and contraception issues were almost last on the list, if considered at all.

    Those same fact finders have pointed out clearly that had those three million Fundamentalist Christians gone and voted for Romney, that Romney would have won and we’d be in a different situation in this country right now.

    Rusty, anyone who knows me personally, including many of those posting here who agree with you, will tell you that I too will definitely stand up for what I believe. I took on the Railroad Commission and gave them the hardest 6 year fight that they’d had in decades, so I’ve already proven my statement in that regard. Having said that though, I still tell you that there is a difference in how one disagrees with another of the opposite opinion. A man can stand up for his beliefs, and express his beliefs to another, without trying to bury the other person. Marc’s initial letter was just his opinion, expressed honestly and in my opinion, was in no way hateful, deserving of his being trounced on, over and over again. Although you and I disagree on most all things, I ALWAYS figured that you had more skill, class and style than that. Now, if I post something that you disagree with, which should be almost everything I post, you and all the others, please feel free to bring it on, because I absolutely love a good “discussion” back and forth! Peace my friend!

  14. Robert Cox says:

    “Sad again you bring up fear mongering with your child molester comment, there again a “crime” with a victim.” Is that not insinuating that abortion is a victimless act? Your words, not mine. Then you say I know nothing about your beliefs, and that’s true except for what I see here…..yet you excoriate me for your perception of MY beliefs. Quite an enigma. For the record, I don’t hate anyone. And “using God’s Word against people” is called enlightenment. His Word hasn’t changed and will endure. God day!

  15. Diane Hughes says:

    This is like MSNBC and Fox all on one channel. The last I heard, the election was over. Thank the Lord! I thought it would never end!

    It’s hard to change people’s view on most anything, especially when they are not willing to listen. In the end, it’s all about how we treat our neighbor.

    My view is that all people are created in God’s image, and because I believe this, I respect the life of the innocent especially in it’s mother’s womb. It doesn’t matter to me their race or gender, all life is precious in God’s eyes. I support marriage between a man and a woman, because as far as I know, it’s the only way to produce a family. Even if you adopt or go to a laboratory, it still takes the opposite sex (a man and a woman)coming together to produce life. Still think God’s plan on marriage is the best, marriage between one man and one woman. No matter how much our society wants to change, no one can change the unchangeable.

  16. Rusty White says:


    As you say we probably will continue to disagree, but at least it is open and honest and I can accept that as can you as you have shown. I appreciate your opinions even if we disagree, but I still have to be me and speak what I feel. Many times my own skills do not portray what my mind is trying to tell my fingers to write, as well as the passion I have for many of these subjects.

    Abortion, is nobodies business other than the family and their doctor, period. If people want to offer other options I am all for it, as long as the options are not forced on others. Like I said I got married at 16 because I didn’t believe in abortions, that does NOT give me the right to force my beliefs on any others.

    Can “anyone” deny this truth , if the clinics are forced to close the poor across this nation will be forced back in to the allies where we will lose both mother and fetus! Also the rich will still fly theirs out of the country where they can get these safe services! Anyone dare to deny this truth?

    Be safe my Brother!

  17. Rusty White says:


    It is great you have beliefs many of which I agree, but why is it right for either of us to force our beliefs in to laws over all others??? Do not others have the same right to believe as they see fit, or is there only one way to live in this country built on “Individual Freedom, Equallity, Justice and Liberty For ALL”???

  18. Diane Hughes says:


    Everyone has the right to believe what they will, as well do I. I am not forcing anyone to think or believe anything. If I were then I would be denying the God given right of free will.

  19. Diane Hughes says:

    I want to say this in the most loving way possible, but I wish you men would please stop talking about women’s issues. There’s no way you could possibly understand what it’s like to be pregnant, how quickly your body begins to change, what’s it’s like to carry a baby for nine months or go through child birth.

    Many women who have abortions go through heartbreak and regrets that you could never understand. Many suffer later in life, because of a decision to abort their baby. I know some of them.

    If you want to do something positive, teach the young men to respect young women, so they never have to face the decision to have an abortion.

  20. Rusty White says:


    Well said! Sadly many do not follow your lead, “some ” believe they have rights others do not, that is the problem!

    To each their own, while holding AMERICAMS responsible for their action that harm others, that is all I ask! Sadly today that is not the world we live in!

  21. Diane Hughes says:


    Please understand my statement to you was based only upon being an American citizen, not spiritual truth. That is another matter!

  22. Robert Cox says:

    It takes two people to make a baby. What about father’s rights?

  23. Diane Hughes says:

    The father does have rights, or should have. Why don’t you contact the Department of Health and Human Services perhaps they can help you? Women’s issues seemed to be one of the driving forces of this last campaign. I don’t recall hearing anything about father’s rights when it came to the issue of abortions.

  24. Rusty White says:


    The father should have a say in this matter, because he is part of the FAMILY, everybody else should mind their own business!

  25. Diane Hughes says:

    Rusty, It is hard for every one to mind their own business, when our government has chosen to get so involved in marriage, sexuality, abortion and birth control; from the President, to the Congress and to the Supreme Court. They now have more say than the fathers do. Please take it up with them, and tell them to mind their own business.

  26. Rusty White says:


    This is where I have to disagree, my beliefs are strong enough and I am so secure in my faith and feelings about marriage,abortion, sexuality etc.. others beliefs don’t make me feel threatened. Two wrongs never make a right I guess due to my age and the way I was raised I see things different than most now days. We were taught it was wrong to meddle in others private and personal business, those that didn’t were called “busy bodies” and everybody looked down upon them.

    Faith was kept in the heart to warm the soul and shared amongst those who welcomed it, “never” was it kept on the tip of ones tongue to be used as a weapon against others nor used to self justify a supposed superior status, those action were considered blasphemy ! We didn’t need or demand our faith be a public display nor was “ours’ the only “right one”! Those that claim others have less morals and faith than others, show little real faith in doing so, as well as going against “His” teaching as well. There is a reason “millions” have turned their backs on “organized religion” and the parties hat have attempted to monopolize on it in this country, they have not lost their faith they just refused to have it used as a weapon or tool for self serving agendas, and in my book they are right!

    To each their own, live and let live and if your not part of the family mind your own business! “”IF”” your “Almighty” is truly that, “He” doesn’t need others claiming to be acting in “His” name, “He” can handle it!

    Here is one for anybody and everybody on here, can the “Almighty build a mountain “He” can not lift”???

  27. Diane Hughes says:


    I don’t understand what you are talking about. I thought the discussion was about father’s rights concerning abortions. Don’t understand!

    Are you against the Church? Jesus saith, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” My faith is secure in Him, and the love that He has for all.

    I am retiring from posting comments unless it is something that is encouraging to others, I leave it to you to continue on.

  28. Rusty White says:


    In to days world one must be able to adapt there are many issues that don’t follow the game plan! I am on they way “out”, my fear is those behind us are nothing but sheep! In to days schools Albert Einstein would have been banished to alterative school!!! Free thinkers are no longer allowed, if you are deferent and think of things some others can’t you are and outcast and a misfit! You will conform or the abuse will continue!

    Enough said, DONE!

  29. Diane Hughes says:


    I would like to encourage you with this: When I was a very young child, I learned this song which I have never forgotten. I remember this song almost every time I hear of any kind of prejudice. Here it is:

    “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

    My heart is to be conformed to the imagine of Jesus Christ, not to the ways of the world The world is not perfect, I am not perfect, but Jesus is. He is the Rock on which I stand, and I am not moved by the world’s pursuits which come and go. If I am cast out,called a misfit,or spoken harshly to, I can rejoice in this: I know that Jesus is always with me, loving and encouraging me every step of the way. He is my peace and my stability in a troubled world. He is my hiding place from the harshness, cruelty, and hatefulness which can be sometimes displayed for so many to see. Jesus loves people, all people, not based on the color of their skin, their nationality, their gender, where they live or their status in life, rich or poor. Jesus loves people and he loves you. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John3:16 Isn’t that such an amazing love, especially when we feel that others have rejected us. If there is any one who understands rejection of any kind, He certainly understands.

  30. Rusty White says:


    I too remember that song, I am glad that works for you, more power to you. The problem to day is an over bearing and intrusive manipulation of a minorities beliefs being forced in to our lives, schools and laws. There again in a country founded upon “Individual Freedoms, Liberty and Equality FOR ALL” no one faith should have more power or influence over ours private lives, schools or laws meant for all. No matter how well meaning or self justified by ANYONE, should they???

    Common sense mirrors much of what faith teaches as well as mirror much of what other faiths and those of no faith at all believe. Sadly on here we have all read those that think their beliefs are more “morally correct” than others, and we see them falsely claim the reason for many of our problems today is because many people don’t believe or raise their children in the way of “some” peoples beliefs. Sadly during this election we seen those of supposed faith couldn’t even get over heir “own” differences in faith, did they not? While it was a grand exercises in the rights of Americans, what does it say about those claiming to be of faith? Is it ok to believe in some or part, yet wrong to be of another faith or none at all, who gets to decide? This is “exactly” why there is and should be a separation of church and state, because this country is for “ALL”, not just those claiming to be the chosen ones!

    Base our laws on common sense and equality and the right to “Individual Freedoms”, and we would all be better off, would we not? Live and let live, to each their own while we “ALL” minded our own business, agree?

  31. Diane Hughes says:


    I was not discussing anything about the laws of this Nation. My comments had nothing to do with separation of church and state or the condition of our country, nor was I discussing religion. I was addressing you.

    Where has all this live and let live and so called common sense gotten us: We are no longer number one in education, no longer considered reliable in fiscal matters, and the list goes on and on where America has fallen. Many of our jobs have been exported to other countries. We are a Nation that is so divided that nothing can get done.

    Rusty, I do not agree with you. I agree with the Constitution, I agree with the Bill of Rights, but I do not agree with you. Live and let live, to each his own, mind your own business is a recipe for chaos and disaster. No family can survive, no organization, or country can succeed with that philosophy. We have to care about those around us sometimes at our own expense, that’s how a family works and any organization works. It’s not about the big ME, live and live, to each his own, it’s about making life better for someone else and contributing to the good of those around us. It means not having my way all the time, we sometimes have to sacrifice for others.

  32. Diane Hughes says:

    It’s not about the big Me, live and let live, to each his own.

  33. Rusty White says:


    If you only really knew me, you would know how far off base your ME ME asumption is. I know to well what sacrifice means, and I am still doing it at age 60. But like I said to each their own, if it works for ya, so be it!:)

  34. Diane Hughes says:

    Rusty, I’m not trying to judge you; it’s not in my heart to do that. It’s the live & let live, to each his own, mind your own business, any religion will do without any absolutes, that I do not understand. Our country needs absolutes, without them we will stay a divided country with no clear direction or path. Please don’t take it personal, I’m sure you are a fine fellow. I just disagree with your philosophy. Kennedy said it all, “It’s not what your country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country.” Not sure that exactly word for word, but it is true.

  35. Rusty White says:


    I’m to old and thick skinned to take things personal, other wise I could not handle the abuse of being a speaker for http://www.leap.cc

    While I will and am still fighting for you to have your beliefs, I at the same time will fight those that try and force others to live by there perceptions of how to live and raise their families. If you feel so strong about your beliefs, present them to others in a manner that is not forced, or manipulated in to our laws and schools and private lives.

    Everyone knows by my actions I am against abortion, but I am a realist not a well meaning day dreamer. Those that feel strongly about this issue would have far great success, “if” they provided alternatives “with out” force, laws and manipulation and strings attached! This kind of approach I could and would support, but never will I support “others” forcing their way in to another families personal business, nor manipulated laws either!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine!:)

  36. Diane Hughes says:

    We do have a very good organization in town called Wise Choice who helps women who find themselves in a difficult place of making a decision to have an abortion or keeping their baby.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year!

  37. Diane…You are a breath of fresh air and a great voice of reason in any discussion that you participate in. Thanks for you insights and opinions.

  38. Rusty White says:


    “”We do have a very good organization in town called Wise Choice who helps women who find themselves in a difficult place of making a decision to have an abortion or keeping their baby.””

    If they still choose to have an abortion is that provided in wise county, or is there only “one option”? So if they still choose an abortion is it in a back alley,morning after pill or go else where? I’m guessing in Wise county, accept the only option available or go else where, right? So in reality the “only” options provided in this county are for those that accept “others” perceptions as to what is right or wrong, right?

  39. Diane Hughes says:


    I am so sorry you have such a sad ugly view on life on just about any topic, so this is my last comment to you. My heart goes out to you, but I don’t have time for this, nor do I want to read your comments that are depressing, grumpy and gloomy. I will no longer be reading your comments, and if mine seem too optimistic and uplifting, and that troubles you, please don’t read mine.

    Wise Choice is not an abortion clinic, it is a Christian organization to help young women not harm them in any way.

  40. Rusty White says:


    Like I said at the start, to each their own!:) What you see as “depressing, grumpy and gloomy” are nothing more than the truth and realities we live with and in, sorry I am not good at candy coating it!:(

    By not answering the question, while using the “Chritian Organization” you spoke volumes. I for one am very glad they are trying to help by offering other options, “”BUT”” that didn’t answer the question I ask of you, did it? The facts is, in Wise County those making choices “others” have chosen to be wrong, must go else where or take care of it them selves, there by going back in time where “BOTH” mother and fetus are in danger,FACT!

    Open and honest debates are not for everyone, do as you wish as far as my comments, I’ll still be reading yours, wish you the best!


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