Remove Ross from office

By Tracy Smith | Published Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Republican County Commissioner Terry Ross’ criminal indictment doesn’t come as a surprise to me, unlike it was to his attorney Barry Green. What does surprise me is the amount he allegedly stole was under $500. By my thought and calculations, just the amount of employees it took to move the extremely large playhouse appears to be over that amount.

Regardless of the amount, what was a surprise to me is the thoughts behind the district attorney’s office when they decided not to petition the district judge’s office asking for his removal while under indictment of felony charges.

Terry Ross was elected as a steward of taxpayer money and was expected to protect the integrity of his office and use good judgment when making decisions on how he should spend taxpayer money. It’s even scarier to think that it is at this time of year when each county commissioner is required to present a new budget asking for a specific amount meant to be spent in their precinct for taxpayer benefit.

Mr. Ross has lost this taxpayer’s confidence. Therefore, at the very least, his colleagues in the commissioners court should ask for a vote of no confidence as well, and DA Greg Lowery’s office should be questioned why he decided to not step forward with such a petition.

If no petition is filed to ask for Terry Ross’ removal, I as a taxpayer will forever feel that these offices will be under a cloud of legitimacy as long as any of them remain stewards of the millions in Wise County taxpayer money.

Tracy Smith

3 Responses to “Remove Ross from office”

  1. Hmmm. If I stole something of $500 value from my employer, I would lose my job immediately. Theft is theft. Nothing personal Mr. Ross.

  2. Rusty White says:

    All I want from Mr. Ross is to tell the truth on the “rest” of those in office! They have already sold you out, why not come clean and let the tax payers see the truth????

  3. J.D. Goodwin says:

    I (as a precinct 4 constituant) would like Mr. Ross to do the right thing, and resign. He admitted to the Texas Rangers in the original affidavit that he signed that ticket knowing the funds wouldn’t be used for the county, but rather for personal benifit. Sounds to me like this trial should be short and sweet. But, in light of this, Mr. Rossshouldn’t wait to be removed, or remanded… He should step down and preserve whatever dignity he has left.


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