Proud to support King for re-election

By D.A. Sharpe | Published Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Early voting is just around the corner, and determined voters may express themselves early and quickly. I, for one, plan to vote on the first day of early voting!

While I’m at it, I want to toot the horn of our Texas Legislative District 61 House member, Phil King. Since 1998, he has led the way for solid conservative and value-oriented legislative service in a way that is excelled by few. He knows what good stewardship over government spending is, and he watches with diligence that we tax payers are served in our best interests and in keeping with the best interests of Texas.

Join with me in voting for him for another successful term. As a committed Republican, I am pleased to support Phil King.

D.A. Sharpe

One Response to “Proud to support King for re-election”

  1. Mr King has served his corporate sponsors with distinction. He has time and time again proven that he is not willing to cross his masters and vote on those issues that will support the people who pay him the most through “donations” to make sure they are clearly represented in the Texas House. You can thank Mr King for such things as higher auto insurance and home rates, higher utility rates, more state fees, and of course protecting our public education and environment. He is the state co-chair of the off the rails Tea Party and of course supports the great changes now going on with the State Board of Education that is making Texas the great, if it was 1850.
    Thanks Phil for all your grrrreeaat deeds! That why I going green this year!


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