Prejudice takes on many forms, all bad

By Diane Hughes | Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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After reading “Election night with the academics” (Messenger, Nov. 10, 2012) I realized that one of the biggest failures in our society is the many forms of prejudice that are based on half-truths, and our failure as a community of people who differ from one another. The only cure for this is to reach out to those who are different. As long as we focus on the color of people’s skin, we are missing out as a community in so many ways. The author of this letter, while writing about the prejudice of one race, revealed his own prejudice toward another. Here lies the problem.

Years ago I did a cross-stitch for a congressman who had won an election. It was a very domestic thing to do, but it opened the door for me to get involved in politics – something which I would have never considered or ever desired. I ended up being a state delegate for that party and on the staff of a presidential election.

Not once did any man from that party show me anything but respect. They pushed me forward and lifted me up. They never made me feel less than them because I was a woman. And to this day, not one male person from that political party has ever made me feel inferior to them because of my gender. This is the party of President Ronald Reagan and the presidential campaign that I worked for.

I am a 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, and I found the issue of women’s reproductive rights being used to win an election demeaning to women. Think about it. Have we come to the place that women are without any reason? It gives the impression that women are not very intelligent and need the federal government to intervene for them in reproductive issues. This makes no sense to me. Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility?

If I could say one thing to young women, it would be that, “You are intelligent, valuable and precious in God’s eyes. Don’t sell yourself short. You have a mind, and talents you might not even be aware of. I feel like you have been used to win an election. I am not judging you, or putting you down in any way, but I think you are more valuable than a political campaign issue.”

Another issue that needs to be addressed is illegal immigration, and it needs to be addressed in a compassionate way. There are laws that have been broken, but at the same time there are people who are looking for a better life for their families. This is an issue that divides this country, which could have been settled in 2009 or 2010 without any problem, but it wasn’t.

Diane Hughes

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  1. You mean your whole world and all of the important decisions in your life don’t revolved around birth control and abortions? That was tongue in cheek of course. I thought the exact same thing during the election.


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