Praise for the people of NTCH

By Michelle M. Simon | Published Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Much has been written about the finances and history of North Texas Community Hospital. There is another story that must be told… the people story.

The story of administrators, physicians, clinical and support staff who for over four years have committed to serving this community – their community – with excellent health care. We save lives, and we bring lives into this world. We help patients and their families navigate through the health care system and the tough decisions that many times accompany caring for loved ones.

We are not faceless, or should we be lost in the discussion of finances. These soldiers of this community and health care come to work every day committed and dedicated to delivering the best health care and services to all of our patients. This commitment has never wavered amidst all the rumors and difficult times. We are still here, and we honor our mission and vision every day to support this community.

We believe in this hospital and its place and purpose, and we believe every day we can and do make a difference, and we intend to continue on that path. Our future is being determined, but our present is defined every day by the hard-working, committed individuals who together are the North Texas Community Hospital family.

We give all that we have to make sure our community and its residents are taken care of, and they feel the care and compassion that guides the work we do and the services we provide.

I am privileged and proud to work at North Texas Community Hospital side-by-side with an amazing medical, clinical and support staff. They are people of high integrity and deep compassion. I chose to celebrate them and all they do for this community.

We are North Texas Community Hospital, and we have much to be proud of.


Michelle M. Simon

2 Responses to “Praise for the people of NTCH”

  1. Susan Hill says:

    The Business Office at NTCH says: Amen!

  2. Robert Cox says:

    And I say “Amen”. I pray that everything work out for NTCH. This area needs an alternative…..


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