Physics and politics

By Ken Hughes | Published Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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When the Superconducting Super Collider project was canceled back in the early 90s, America, and even more to the point Waxahachie, missed an incredible opportunity to beat France and Switzerland to the punch in identifying the “Higgs Boson,” euphemistically referred to as the “God Particle.”

A few weeks ago it was announced by CERN that they were 99 percent sure that among the particles detected from some 800 trillion proton-proton collisions they had identified the long postulated Higgs Boson that completes the Standard Model, a theory concerning electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear interactions.

The SCSC would have operated at over twice the power of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and confirmed American supremacy in subatomic particle physics.

For all the knowledge accumulated about the universe in which we live, there remains a lot to learn, but scientists are steadily gaining. There are three families of matter identified in the Standard Model for elementary particle physics: Quarks, Leptons and Force Carriers, all of which have been found. The only particle postulated and yet to be found is/was the Higgs Boson, thought to impart mass to the other particles.

Confirming or disproving its existence is very important for our understanding of particle physics and our physical universe. The “God Particle” is invisible, very short-lived, and man-made in particle accelerator/colliders by accelerating protons to very near the speed of light and crashing them head-on into other protons headed in the opposite direction at the same speed, thereby creating conditions found only during The Big Bang.

One must wonder if the SCSC had been completed in Texas and the “God Particle” identified thereby, if today’s fundamentalist politicians in Texas and/or America would have done the same thing that Moslem fundamentalists have done in Pakistan (probably).

Early work by physicist Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate, helped lead to the apparent discovery of the subatomic, and one must suppose, blasphemous “God Particle” last week. However, the late physicist is no hero at home where his name has been stricken from school textbooks.

Sound familiar? The Texas State Board of Education has been purging famous American historical figures from history and other books simply because the board didn’t like their politics, words and/or actions that the SBOE deemed too liberal for modern-day conservative Texas students to study and emulate.

That’s saddening and disgusting. If I had school-age children living in Texas today I’d move to a more enlightened environment.

Ken Hughes

9 Responses to “Physics and politics”

  1. cody lee says:

    So malcom x is your idea of a famous American historical figure that kids need to be taught about? This fool was gunned down by his own muslims. Once again this is a Christen state we are never gonna teach your liberal crap here. Remember Glenn Beck was not born her, but he got here as quick as he could after the fruits took over his state. Brought lots of money and jobs with him. Name the last whiney lib that did anything worth while. I’ll be waiting…. a long time I must suppose. One must wonder if a first grader wrote the following? …………………………..
    “One must wonder if the SCSC had been completed in Texas and the “God Particle” identified thereby, if today’s fundamentalist politicians in Texas and/or America would have done the same thing that Moslem fundamentalists have done in Pakistan (probably).”
    Libs are sooooo smart they should put one on paper money!

  2. Again the Premier Representative of God and and that is good in Texas has spoken, but like his mentor Glen Beck, he got his facts wrong again. Perhaps Mr Cody Lee needs a “pilgrimage” to the Mecca of his religion, what ever religion he may represent and too be enlightened to the truth of the universe. Meantime us “second class citizens” will continue to assert that this state is neither “christian” or any other religion although a large number of “christians” may reside in this state. I will also contend that the Christian Religion through out history has been a blessing and a curse depending on just how many and how often the Zealots rise to top and impose without reflection of their particular views what their religion represents. How soon before Inquisitions and public book burning start in this state is just a matter of time. I hope soon that some truly rational people will see what is happening and begin to resist and reset and again make Texas a much better place to live. Beside if you had a room full frothing at the mouth, conspiracy nut jobs like Glen Beck, gathered in a room the sum IQ would still be zero. Infinity times zero is still zero.

  3. Hypothetical. Such a lingering word when you are trying to disprove the existence of God and the biblical explanation of the universe. It’s funny that atheists try and disprove the existence of God, yet place faith in invisible “particles”. Got news for you. Every form of matter has a beginning, and you can’t create something from nothing. Things just don’t appear, and the existence of this beautiful universe had a creator, it wasn’t accident.

  4. cody lee says:

    Surely Mr.Randolph, a person of your intelect can see that with the Election of Ted Cruz we are moving my way and not yours.Why is it that you see people like Mr. Beck doing good for people and libs are in there under paints in front of the computer whining about God. How about a little more action and alot less whining.Truly rational people’s voices where heard loud and clear.

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    Cody Lee and rational, now that’s an oxymoron…. Don’t count your Fidel lovin Canadian born Cruz’ before they’re hatched. The race is far from over. People have a choice in Paul Sadler. Texas voters have a choice to role the dice with an unproven candidate or a candidate who has proven record fighting for Texas Students and Teachers.

  6. cody lee says:

    Miss Smith have you seen the returns? The Repulicans got more votes in Dallas and Tarrant counties than the dems did in the whole state. Republican votes in Dallas and Tarrant counties 134970. Democrate votes in the whole state 130569. You keep up the fight I’m sure you can be proud of eddie bernice johnson.

  7. Tracy Smith says:

    Your thoughts and Political Analysis are the last numbers I as a supporter of Paul Sadler am concerned with. The numbers actually reflect that the majority of Registered voters, including those that voted for Dewhurst are not all warm and fuzzy with Ted Cruz. You sir should be concerned with those Republicans and the Moderates who tend to be Indies and didn’t vote in either primary. You have a lot to learn about voters and general elections…..

  8. Ken Hughes says:


    No one mentioned Malcolm X but you and there are many other notable American thinkers and doers than Mr. X. I read his autobiography many years ago and know a lot about the man; maybe you should read it as well. He made a lot of sense and in the end repudiated his earlier bigotry and even apologized for it. Clearly you don’t have the capacity as you wouldn’t have jumped to Malcolm X. He was assonated by his own group because of his renouncing of bigotry and they, just as other bigoted groups whose “leader” went astray from doctrine.

    One more point, the non-theistic, a-theistic to your brand, don’t care a hoot about your god or anybody else’s; it’s a non-issue. Perhaps you can’t understand the concept of the impossibility to provide positive proof a negative. On the contrary, it’s the responsibility of the “believers” to provide positive proof of the existence of something they posit. One more point,. A-theist simply means without theism, just as a-tonal for the musically handicapped, or a-intellectual for the intellectually handicapped.

  9. I think we had better have a investigation in Lenny’s office if members of this forum are already annoiting Mr Cruz, our Canadian Born, Cuban rebel son, who, by the way fought for Fidel first, then against him later, as our new Senator from Texas. Mr Criz I demand to see if you were born in Canada, just to make sure you were born in the American 52nd state. ( i am under the opinion that Republican believe the Keystone Pipeline will carry American produced oil to the lower 48 states and lower the price of gas ) The oil companies are building the pipeline for free. We already have proof that there are more then 4 dimensions. We’re just not sure what reality the Tea Party swims in at this time. Oh, by the way there are some good articles on the Hibb Boson partical in serveral magazines, and yes I can see the particle very clearly, and seeing is believing!


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