Phil King must go

By Landon Hankins | Published Saturday, July 21, 2012

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It isn’t difficult for one to see that the population of Texas has risen dramatically in recent years. One need only look at the fact that Texas recently gained four more Congressional districts in the last census! With such massive numbers of people coming to this state, the implication is a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolling in Texas’ public schools.

At the same time that the schools are being flooded with new students, Rep. Phil King and other members of the state legislature have been trying to strangle the public school system by cutting the state education budget. This policy is simply not logical. We need representatives that understand the needs of the individual school districts and state education system at large, and it appears as though King simply does not meet this criterion. The more educated a society’s populace, the more sound its economy will be.

According to the Texas Classroom Teachers Association, King voted to reduce legal protections for teachers, voted to increase classroom sizes and voted to eliminate the state minimum salary schedule. King has clearly declared war on education, and the citizens of Wise and Parker counties must let their voices be heard.

King is only standing in the way of education’s progress in this state, and he must be voted out of office this November.

Landon Hankins

One Response to “Phil King must go”

  1. Phil King has never represented regular working people and their needs or their concerns. He’s a bought and paid for member of the Texas House of Representatives, Tea Party leader, who has rapped his arms arond the ” religious right, conservatives of Wise and Parker County who, while he has his arms rapped around you picks your pocket through much of the actions he has taken in his tenour of our representative.
    How can any on compete when a man can walk into a room in Houston where his corporate masters work and with 25 people in the room walk out with $25,000 for his campaign. Wake up Wise and Parker counties. He the enemy not your friend and he does not care around you or me. He works for himself!


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