Pedophilia starts “at the top”

By Ken Hughes | Published Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Just how far does the influence and pedophilia of persons in high places in the Catholic Church reach? Pretty far it seems, even into Catholic Penn State University.

Just as the Catholic Church clearly valued the preservation of its reputation, institutions and mostly monetary resources over the health and well-being of youngsters and altar boys, so too did Penn State. Although, the church’s total is certainly far higher than those victimized by Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.

FBI Director Louis Freeh reports that Penn State officials clearly placed the value and reputation of the university, and especially its vaunted football program, far above that of the young boys who were the prey of the official staff pedophile. Seemingly, as goes the Catholic Church, so goes Catholic Penn State University.

According to the report, the people who could have stopped the abuse of starstruck boys that were selected by Sandusky to participate in Penn State and other football programs were aware of the problem as far back as 1998! Be that as it may, as far as I’m concerned the problem starts at the top, and I don’t mean the university president or the office of the Pope.

We are all led by every religion in America – Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic and otherwise – to believe that theirs is “the one true religion” headed by an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent deity who loves all His miscellaneous little creations, especially the “little children.” I remember part of a little kid’s ditty from my childhood when my mom dragged me along with her to church that claimed “Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Does He?

If the foregoing is true, then why in addition to pedophilia in high places, is it that worldwide some 2,500,000 children live with HIV, and this year alone an estimated 400,000 children will contract HIV; 30,000 will die of AIDS; 175,000 children will develop cancer from which 96,000 will die?

Five-hundred thousand children under the age of 5 will die from diarrhea; 175,000 will drown; 260,000 will die in automobile accidents; 45,000 will die from poisoning; 96,000 will burn to death; 46,000 will fall to their death. Yet the beat goes on while we’re expected to sign on to and accept the list of holy omni-whatevers and not question either. Not bloody likely.

In the words of a once popular TV commercial, “Where’s the beef”?

Ken Hughes

Editor’s note: Penn State is a public institution and is not associated with the Catholic Church.

4 Responses to “Pedophilia starts “at the top””

  1. cody lee says:

    Your letters have become so lacking in the truth that they get “Editor’s note” attached. These numbers you put up are pure bologna. Get some facts kpud! People die that’s part of life,how many people have been saved by this God fearing country? God works thru His people.No whiney liberal ever got anything important done.
    If you need moral clarity look to the Boy Scouts of Americas’ stance on queers. Nobody in their right mind would send thier kids to the queer scouts(except maybe a lib).What it must be like to have such little respect for ones mother. She loved you and was trying to save your soul and you relegated her to a footnote in one of your sorry diatribes. When will you stop blaming God and get together with a bunch of your neopagens and fix the worlds problems. In the words of Patton “…you don’t when a war by dying for your country you get the other dumb s.o.b. to die for his.”
    One more sad fact 3960 libs will die from trying to screw in a light bulb, while 27840 will drown trying to drink from a water fountains and 48,000,000 will die standing in line for foodstamps. HA

  2. Billmire says:

    Mr. Hughes, The fact that you would call Penn State a Catholic school and get that so blatantly wrong, is evidence that you should cease your rantings based on the fact that they are factually wrong. Either you stop or I would ask the Messenger to place a huge flagged ad in the letter to the editor area of the paper discouraging anyone from reading your letter or to print your letters so small they aren’t legible. Please, enough is enough!

  3. Dear Mr. Hughes,
    After reading your thoughts, I have been compelled to respond. I am a christian but I dont see it as so much a “religion” as I do a “relationship”. It is by growing closer to Him through His word that I am fortunate enough to experience a personal relationship with God so real that nothing could ever lead me to believe differently. Due to recent events in my life, I can see where you are coming from and have even asked God why myself. It is human nature that when we experience various trials,tragedies,struggles,heartaches or horrendous events that we would wonder and EVEN ask God “Why?”. I believe there are many reasons as to why. 1.There are some valuable lessons that can only be learned through very tough situations. 2. Each life lesson we have under our belt will lead us through another. 3. Freewill- God gave us all freewill to make decisions. If He had not, we would all be a bunch of robots running around. Could you imagine if people only listened to you, loved you or did good things because they had no other choice in the matter???? Who wants that??? Not me. It would all be nothing more than false. Mr. Hughes, God does not put us through things…..He brings us through them. It is because of Him that we can survive, learn from and even,in time, be thankful for our miseries. I am very thankful that it is through my relationship with God, that He has given me wisdom when it seems there can be no explaination to make me understand. Thank you, Mr. Hughes for “making me think” and in closing I want you to know that God doesnt EXPECT you to accept Him, but He sure hopes you will! 🙂

  4. This is the most evil and deceitful letter to the editor I have ever read. Hughes, you have stooped to a new low.


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