Not thrilled with refs at Boyd game

By Connie Graham | Published Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Friday’s game between Boyd and Godley proved to be a test of fortitude for Boyd varsity football because of some of the poorest refereeing I have ever seen at a sporting event.

It’s a little hard to win a game when touchdowns are brought back because referees claim a blocker has no right to make a legitimate block, and receivers are clearly knocked down before the ball ever reaches them and no flag is thrown. Balls were continually spotted two to four yards in the opponent’s favor from where the forward progress was made by our team, and the visitors were given the right, time and time again, to make false starts.

At one point, a penalty was called on Godley for holding (finally) yet the yardage was never marked off. And last but not least, a whistle was blown after the snap and everyone stopped, including the Godley players (because everyone heard the official blow the whistle), yet the Godley quarterback looked over at the head official, and he motioned to the player to continue on with the play. Afterward, no official would admit to blowing the whistle.

I am calling on the Boyd coaches to make sure these referees are never at another Boyd home game. It is understandable that both players and officials make some mistakes – we are human, after all – but this was over the limit of understanding.

Connie Graham

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ms. Graham’s criticism may be justified, but the final statistics on the game were that Boyd had three penalties for 25 yards and Godley had eight for 50 yards. Godley had two touchdowns called back on penalties, and Boyd had one.

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