Messenger cartoons are biased

By Betty Bush | Published Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Thank you, Mr. Montgomery, for your letter to the editor in the Wise County Messenger, Aug. 1, “Tired of the biased cartoons.” I am sick of them, too.

Where did the WCM find these people? You can add Ben Sargent to your list. I do not even like his artwork. His cartoon in the July 7 WCM took it too far again. I am an independent, but I know Mitt Romney would never tell one of his boys, as he looked out the window at our Capitol, “and someday, son, this can be yours.” What a shame. It is too bad for this man to be hated by so many because he is rich.

I would appreciate a change, as I really do not care to spend my money on such a biased bunch any longer.

Betty Bush

2 Responses to “Messenger cartoons are biased”

  1. Walt Partin says:

    We live in a county that has only one elected office held by a Democrat. Most churches here have pastors that openly promote the Republican party from the pulpit. Lots of businesses have anti Obama cartoons displayed on their front counters. If I, as a Democrat can handle that, surely conservatives can tolerate a liberal cartoon twice a week withouy whining.
    Walt Partin

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    Here Here Walt.


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