Mary Ann Wells Letter for Wednesday, August 29, 2012

By Mary Ann Wells | Published Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Once again, I am extremely disappointed in the Wise County Messenger. I am referring to the news article dated Aug. 25, “Residents want playground equipment returned to park.”

No one who lives in Newark has to drive to Rhome or Haslet or anywhere else to find a place for their children to play. There is a very nice playground located at the Newark Town Square Park, 209 Hudson St.

Your reporter walks right past this playground at least once a month when he attends our city council meetings, but he omits this important fact from his piece. Instead, he paints a picture of the poor little children of Newark with nothing to do except ride their bicycles in circles.

This is just the latest in a long series of one-sided and unfair articles the Messenger has published about our city. It seems to me that the Wise County Messenger is far more interested in “making news” than it is in “reporting the news.”

Mary Ann Wells

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was not our reporter, but Newark residents who raised the issue of returning playground equipment to the park. They are quoted accurately in the story.

10 Responses to “Mary Ann Wells Letter for Wednesday, August 29, 2012”

  1. Well well Wells…

    The kids got it right and the Messenger reported it correctly. Our parks have been stripped bare. Anyone who signs up immediately prior to the meeting this Thurs. evening at 7 pm is finally being given the opportunity to speak out on this subject.

  2. Bonnie Neal says:

    The playground equipment at the new City Hall is unfortunately not as accessible to the very young ones or those on bicycles. Facing having to cross both a railroad track and busy FM718 is a high deterrent to the younger ones by either themselves or their parents.
    The Messenger did report correctly.
    As was pointed out at the last regular City Council meeting, citizens are well aware of the lack of ‘quality of life’ shown to the children.
    Bonnie J Neal
    Newark, TX

  3. Mary Wells says:

    Then I guess the playground I see at 209 Hudson Street is a figment of my imagination.

  4. dawn rose says:

    I would not let my child ride there bike to the park any have u seen how fast people go down the streets they speed down the road even when we had a park cose to use people don’t care if there are kids on the road .

  5. Dear Mrs. Wells,

    Have you SEEN the parks in Haslet and Rhome? Why would you even attempt to compare? Families are needed to create growth. Both families and growth are an important part of Newark’s survival. We need a place for community interaction.


    Angela Braun

  6. Mary Wells says:

    Thanks for your comment, Angela. Yes, I have seen both parks and they are beautiful. It would be wonderful if we could have something like that here in Newark.

    I’m all for parks, families and the children of our town. I help with the Christmas Angel Tree every year and two years ago I started an Easter Egg Hunt for our kids.

    The question isn’t whether we want a playground or not. The question is how are we going to pay for it?

    And the only issue I had with the WCM was that they failed to mention at all the fact that we do have a park at the Newark Town Square. They left that fact out completely and I thought that wasn’t very fair to our city.

    I hope to see you at tonights meeting.

  7. Wasn’t this all in a Latter to the Editor Mary. Not sure if you realize it or not, but Letters To The Editor are submitted by readers, not the WCM. They do not edit for content.

  8. reba york says:

    It’s sure a good thing none of you guys live in Bridgeport. You’d really be complaining because their park is right beside a major road.

  9. Mary Wells says:

    Thanks for your comment, Craig Brandon. What I wrote was in response to the Wise County Messenger news article that was written by a Wise County Messenger reporter. It was published August 25 and is titled “Residents want playground equipment returned to park.”

    Newark has a playground at 209 Hudson Street and I did not think it fair that the reporter left this important fact out of his article. In my opinion, he made it seem like the children of Newark had no place to play when, in fact they really do.

    The playground is small but it was donated by a Gold Girl Scout and we are very proud of it.

  10. Mary, I understand your neighbor held a nice fundraiser for park equipment at his local tennis court. Maybe another one of Newark’s fine home-based businesses, Kay-Wel 2 Corporation would like to donate?


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