Lots on the line in election

By Jonna and Jack Pigg | Published Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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The time to vote in the presidential election is upon us. Citizens, please take the time to seriously consider what is at stake in this election, for this year the stakes are very serious.

This is more than the usual partisan election; this election is about the future of each of us. It is about the future of our children and grandchildren. It is emphatically about the direction this country will take in the next years.

Currently, the federal government is spending $50,000 per second more than it takes in! This cannot be ignored; it must be addressed. Along with greatly increased debt, the past four years have seen creeping socialism and eroding constitutional rights.

I believe this is still a Christian nation, and if every Christian would vote for the candidate whose party platform most closely represents Biblical values, we could take this country back. Then we could begin to work on the problems facing this country – the economy, foreign policy, etc. – instead of watching the mighty country our founding fathers envisioned slip away.

Take the time to vote in this election for the Republican nominees, Romney and Ryan. Everything is on the line.

Jonna and Jack Pigg

5 Responses to “Lots on the line in election”

  1. says:

    We voted Morn.morning What you said is true we pray that everybody wake up and vote while we can.

  2. Christian Nation? Do you believe this to be true because this nation follows Biblical Laws or because there are more “Christians” then any other type of religion. Do you really believe that the Founding Fathers were “Christians” and the”finger of God wrote the Constitution”? What makes you think “God” is a republican in the first place? Look forward to your response and seeing how much more you are ready to rewrite history in your “informed state” …

  3. Diane Hughes says:

    It seems you do not know your history. This is a Christian Nation and I have the proof. If it’s not, why do the atheist spend so much time trying to move God out? Our National Motto is “In God We Trust”. Every time you spend your money God’s name is on it. Every year we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ. His name is in our National anthem, and other songs. God’s name is in our pledge of allegiance to the flag. There are crosses all over this Nation, at Arlington cemetery where our soldiers are buried. More proof is in the US Capitol building where church services were held. Yale, Harvard, Princeton and other universities started out as seminaries. One of the first acts of Congress was to print 20,000 Bibles. God’s name is on state mottoes, flags, etc. I have a flag case that has the state motto of Rhode Island which says “For Our County, Inte Domine Speramus.” I could go on and on, but will stop here. I collect books, and have plenty of info to share. I am also old enough to know this. We don’t have a God problem in this country. We have too many atheist, spending too much time trying to remove God from this Nation. They will never succeed, because the truth is as long as there’s the Church, we will be here to stand up for the Truth. Socialism and Communism couldn’t remove God, and when they tried the church became stronger. They went underground, but they came out victorious. No Ism on the face of this earth will ever win fighting against God. He holds their lives in His hands, and every breathe they take is a gift from God. Trying to fight against God is like a flea saying to an elephant, “Get out of my way.” He holds your life in His Hands, even to those who reject Him, He extends His Love and Mercy.

  4. Robert Cox says:

    It’s the atheists and liberals that are rewriting history. Maybe you should study original documents for yourself instead if listening to and believing the steady stream of lies pouring out of the liberal ideologues that you seem to gravitate to. Might I suggest David Barton’s Wallbuilders site, where you can view the largest private collection of original documents on our nation. Then, after you have done your own study, you can make an intelligent decision about what the Founders intentions were. Hopefully, anyway.


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