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By Melton Cude | Published Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Normally, I don’t respond to a Letter to the Editor. However, I decided that Mr. Montcalm’s recent letter entitled “Traffic Laws Not Enforced Consistently” deserved a response.

First of all, I am in total agreement with Mr. Montcalm that all jurisdictions should enforce traffic laws in a consistent manner limited only by law enforcement’s inability to be everywhere at once. I also agree that nobody working for anybody “special” should have the opinion that they are above the law.

I believe that I am acquainted with Mr. Montcalm (if he’s the gentleman who does a fantastic job of distance running, including marathons), and I believe him to be a fine and truthful person, and I have no doubt that he heard what he heard from the female driver of a black Suburban.

However, I do not have anyone working for me that drives or owns a black Suburban, now or even in the past. I have no doubt that someone who knows me may drive such a vehicle, but I sure don’t condone any employees of mine speeding or running stop signs, and then feeling that they are above the law! Not to mention in a residential neighborhood where children are present!

Nobody in my office has ever considered themselves above the law, and I sure don’t view myself as above the law, especially since I am elected by the citizens of Wise County to be a judicial officer of the law. My entire adult life has been devoted to justice, fairness and the law, and I believe deeply that our country’s legal system – while not perfect – is the best that mankind has ever devised.

Let’s all remember that while we sometimes may personally view traffic laws as irksome, they are designed to keep us safe and healthy, and that the law enforcement officers are merely doing their best in an imperfect world to cut down carnage on our streets and highways. They deserve a “thanks” from all of us “mere” citizens for their work.

Melton Cude
Wise County Court-at-Law

3 Responses to “Just a few words”

  1. I thank you, our officers, and your employees for your faithful service to the county.

  2. Lisa Peyton says:

    Here, Here! I agree that while no Legal System is perfect, what we DO have is pretty Dadgum Good. I also agree that we should Thank our Law Enforcemnt Officers as well as Officers the Court for their Daily Duties. It can’t possibly be easy and they have my upmost respect. Thank you for Your Service.

  3. Amen, Judge Cude. Amen….


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