Innocent man held in local jail

By Stephanie Vickers | Published Saturday, July 14, 2012

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I believe the community of Wise County has a right to know what kind of law enforcement team we have out here. The men that are supposed to be here to serve and protect the citizens of our community, are also abusing their privileges as police officers.

Here’s my question: how can the Wise County Sheriff’s Department hold an innocent man in its jail, and nobody seems to notice what’s wrong?

On June 12, 2012, my boyfriend was arrested in Agnes, for aggravated robbery. While he was being detained on the side of the road, the man that was robbed at his house was brought to identify the man police thought had committed the crime. The victim did not identify my boyfriend as the assailant in the robbery.

In fact, he was positive that the man that robbed him was not the man standing in front of him. Even with the victim stating my boyfriend was innocent, the police still took him to jail. According to the officer, if my boyfriend didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear, he was still going to charge him with this crime.

Since my boyfriend had no knowledge of what had happened at the scene of the crime, he couldn’t tell him anything.

So, now he sits in Wise County Jail on these charges. Not only has the victim said my boyfriend is not responsible for the crime, the Texas Rangers have arrested the man that the victim did identify as the assailant. The assailant has written a statement saying my boyfriend is completely innocent and had absolutely no knowledge of this crime they are accusing him of.

So, please tell me why they still continue to hold my boyfriend, on charges for which he has been identified as the man not responsible? I think it’s about time to let him come home to his family. They have held him long enough for a crime he did not commit.

I am not stopping with this letter. I will take it as far as I need to until my boyfriend is released and on his way home.

It’s very sad that the law enforcement of our county is as shady as the shade trees. Something needs to be done, immediately.

Stephanie Vickers

2 Responses to “Innocent man held in local jail”

  1. Rusty White says:


    Sadly we live in a county where one can have as much Freedom and Justice as you can afford!:( Our once “public servants” now believe they are our “overlords and masters”, sad but true! They know most do not have the means to fight back, so they abuse who ever they want! First you need to contact the FBI while “demand” a copy of “”ALL”” and “”ANY”” police report and records, while you are filing a complaint with the FBI, then the Us Department of Justice and do the same.

    Google civil rights complaints, there you will find the information to seek justice! It is a long road and the only way you will get it is to go outside the state of Texas.


  2. Thank you for your comment..I have tried EVERYTHING!!
    Sadly..we are going into our 7th month of this on going nonsense. Since I posted my article, Mike has gone to court twice, and goes again at the end of this month. In the first court hearing, the DA said himself, that he has no evidence against Mike..in fact, he said he doesn’t even have enough evidence to offer him a plea bargain..If I knew what to do, or even why they are wasting tax payers dollars, by holding him in jail, it’d be wonderful.
    The longer that this goes on, the more I see just how screwed up the system really is..I have never seen such behavior in my life.
    Stephanie Vickers


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