Hughes makes ridiculous assumptions

By Rose Stuber | Published Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Yep, Hughes has me all figured out. As a conservative, I want to make Granny go without health care and eat cat food. I want to starve children. I adore dirty air and dirty water. I don’t give a flip about saving environmental resources. Above all, I don’t give a you-know-what about anybody else in this world except me.

I am constantly amazed at the way he categorizes people. For instance, (on the online boards) he says that Catholics consider Mormons to be a cult.

For almost 15 years, I was employed by the Boy Scouts of America National Headquarters. I got the opportunity to work with people of many different faiths, cultures and backgrounds. It was a wonderful education, and I learned a great deal.

As a practicing Catholic, I don’t consider the Latter-day Saints Church to be a cult. While some of their theological ideas aren’t for me, what I do have great respect for is their self-reliance, being prepared for disasters and their works of charity. No matter if you have religious leanings or not, these are all attributes that we should strive for.

Regarding the Rep. Todd Akins controversy. Was what he said stupid? Of course it was. Was he the first politician to say something stupid? Of course he isn’t – nor will he be the last. I clearly remember our Harvard-educated president saying something about “being in 57 states.”

I believe what Mr. Akins was trying to convey was that he is fully pro-life, regardless of how the conception of a baby occurs. The baby conceived in this manner is also a victim of a violent, savage crime, and yet it has no voice in the decision of life or death.

Mr. Hughes, this Catholic girl will take the LDS Bishop over the dog-eating radical any day of the week.

Rose Stuber

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