Hats off to the VA North Texas Health Care System

By Jim Popp | Published Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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In the past few weeks I have seen repeated stories on the various local TV stations about problems with the VA North Texas Health Care System, slamming the quality of care and the medical services veterans get at their facilities. I was really stunned to see these stories because of the great quality of care that I have personally been given in the VA North Texas Health Care System.

I went 12 years or more with a small mark in the middle of my forehead that would never completely heal. The civilian doctors told me repeatedly that it was no big problem and to “just put a little salve on it.” On my first visit to see Russell Wilson after he had just arrived at the VA Clinic in Bridgeport, when he saw that sore, he got very upset. He stated it looked like cancer and could be very dangerous.

He immediately scheduled me an appointment with the dermatology department at the Dallas VA Hospital, where I was seen within a week or so. They confirmed through a biopsy that it was not only cancer, but also the most agressive form of melanoma there is. Surgery was scheduled within a very short time. What was initially supposed to be a basic, two-hour, outpatient procedure became a two-day, extensive surgery because of how big the melanoma turned out to be. It took four plastic surgeons to close up on the second day.

During the surgery, everyone at the hospital, from the volunteers to the surgeons, treated my wife like a queen. They couldn’t do enough for her while I was in surgery. Because of Dr. Wilson’s correct, initial diagnosis in the Bridgeport VA Clinic, the entire VA Health Care System literally saved my life.

Recently, there has been another potentially very serious health issue arise for me that was found by the North Texas Health Care System. Again, I have received nothing but the finest of care, in the quickest possible time frame, both initially by Dr. Wilson in the Bridgeport VA Clinic and at the Fort Worth and Dallas VA Center and Hospital, respectively.

I have talked with many other vets who also credit the North Texas VA Health Care System with saving their lives, too.

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Wilson as my primary care physician, and I have been seen at the Fort Worth and Dallas VA Hospitals on numerous occasions. Everyone in the entire VA Heath Care System has always been extremely courteous, and my treatment has always been of the highest quality possible.

That’s why I say, “Hats off to the VA North Texas Health Care System.”

Jim Popp

2 Responses to “Hats off to the VA North Texas Health Care System”

  1. says:

    I agree with you 100% . the VA has cured cancer in my eye ball and now they are getting me ready for cadarac segury. I have been going to VA dallas and Ft. Worth for 37 years for a lot of different reasons the VA has always been my care taker . I am 100% disable . Thank you north texas VA.

  2. Mike Coats
    “Hats off to the VA North Texas Health Care System.”

    Dr. Wilson in the Bridgeport VA Clinic is the best Doctor I have seen in years & also one of the most under standing Doctor I have been to .
    Dr. Wilson in the Bridgeport VA Clinic & all of the employees are Great !


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