Government control is not the answer

By D.A. Sharpe | Published Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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The Connecticut tragedy of children and school teachers killed has become the political rallying point for gun control advocates to renew cries for narrowing the gap for possible firearm ownership.

The deaths did not occur because of a gun ownership issue or lack of legislation. It happened, apparently, because of our society’s lack of provision for mentally limited citizens and their families. That seems to be a government budget problem.

What institutions in our society are best to deal with those issues? Private, or government? The easy answer for so many is government, but I conjecture the success rate to fall behind what generously supported private efforts could do.

Another issue is made clear again in the recent tragedy. The establishment of gun-free zones merely act as a magnet for the deranged and criminally motivated people. They know they can go to a gun-free zone, and citizens legitimately licensed for carrying firearms will not be present with any defense capability.

Would not somebody in the administration of that school, who was properly trained and licensed for a firearm, have been able at least to cause the death toll to have been much less than over two dozen?

D.A. Sharpe

8 Responses to “Government control is not the answer”

  1. Jim Popp says:


    Excellent point! More gun control laws will do absolutely nothing to curb a situation like the horrific scene we all saw play out in/at the Sandy Hook School, or for that matter, the mall in Portland earlier that week. In both instances, the weapons used were stolen from their rightful owners who had obtained them legally after going through an FBI background check. We already have enough gun laws on the books and the Assualt Weapons Ban from 1994 to 2004 did nothing to curb gun violence in this country, from the bad guys side of this.

    We definitely need a serious discussion about our present treatment of the mentally unstable and easier access to help for them and their families. Lanza’s mother was so desperate to help him, or get him help, that she foolishly taught him how to shoot her weapons, one of which he would eventually use to kill her and others, so that she could “bond” more with him, in an attempt to help him.

  2. J.D. Goodwin says:

    Conn. Upheld the assault weapons ban in 2004 and it is still in place… Tell me again Obama how gun control is the answer

  3. Well written, good job Mr. Sharpe.

  4. Tracy Smith says:

    Columbine High School Had Armed Guards……

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    In Arizona Gabby Giffords and eighteen others were shot (6 killed including a nine year old girl)when the killer used a 9mm Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol with a 33-round magazine to shoot, kill or maime his victims. The shooter, while RELOADING his 33 round pistol was conked in the back of the head by a chair while a woman grabbed the gun and a 74 year old man (and retired military Army Col) tackled the gunman. Another man, in the same parking lot who had a CCW, pulled his weapon and almost killed the wrong man who was trying to subdue the killer.

  6. The mental health question has to be addressed all across the board and every time a gun is purchased. This single loophole has killed a lot of innocent people and if it is not addressed then we have gained nothing. I would suggest one of the criteria for fact of mental illness is if you believe Obama was born in Kenya, is not the legitimate President of the United States, and that the new gun laws that are coming will allow the Government to come into your home and “take your guns” then you be denied any further gun sales because you are suffering from serious Fox News / NRA induced delusional paranoia and are suffering from serious anoxia from living inside a Right wing nut bubble far to long

  7. Tracy, he did not “almost shoot” the guy. He didn’t even draw his gun, he had his hand on it. One of the things you learn in CHL or other self defense classes is to verify your target, which he did. It’s part of the whole thought process, one of the MANY things that go through your mind in a matter of seconds if you are trained. A mistake could have happened, but it didn’t, and to use this as a reason to not have legally armed and trained citizens is dishonest at best. There isn’t much difference in firing 30 shots through 3 10 round magazines and firing 30 through 1. We’re talking about a matter of 4 seconds here. A shooter that has thought his plan out will have enough mags to do the job. A person who needs to defend himself needs as many rounds as needed to do the job since they are usually surprised by the situation and won’t be carrying extra magazines. The two rolls, offender and defender, require completely different preparation.

  8. Andrew Wynn says:

    So, Charles…how do you explain Chris Dorner? How do you explain the left-leaning tendencies of so many of the nut-cases who have carried out mass murder over the last decade or so? The Columbine shooters, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Aurora shooter, the Newtown shooter, the Giffords shooter, and this leftist whackjob, Dorner, killing cops in Los Angeles—liberal nutjobs, each and every one.

    Gee…you don’t have any guns, do you??

    I would suggest they have lived in a media-fed, left-leaning, depraved and godless pop culture bubble for too long.


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