GOP to party at Fuzzy’s on Election Night

By D.A. Sharpe | Published Saturday, November 3, 2012

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We are coming down to the finish line, and victory is in the air. Let’s rally all of our friends and neighbors who did not vote early and make sure they vote Tuesday at their voting poll.

The Wise County Republican Party, jointly with the Wise Republican Women, will host an Election Night watch party at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on the west side of the square in downtown Decatur, from 7 p.m. ’til it’s all over. There’s no charge to attend, but everyone will pay for whatever they choose to purchase to eat. Wise County President Deb Porter is in charge.

The Election Night Party takes the place of our normal Nov. 13 meeting time.

D.A. Sharpe,
Director of Communications
Wise County Republican Party

8 Responses to “GOP to party at Fuzzy’s on Election Night”

  1. Republican must have a curfew. A few of us from across the square went over to say good job Republicans and there was nobody there except a few setting out front crying in the last of their beer. Obama may have lost in Wise County but the county and Texas is so far behind the rest of the country and will remain irrelevant as long as Tea, FOX and Rush are the only things consumed in their world. Some will be ready to grab the mantel of leadership and move us forward eventually but we can wait, our day is coming! Forward kicking and screaming into the 21st Century is the only way we can continue to move!

  2. Robert Cox says:

    Laugh now. It ain’t over. Judgement is coming.

  3. Mr Cox
    Please keep up what you are doing. Your letters, thinking, and action will continue to keep my side strong and growing stronger because the electorate see you for what you are. Wise county may drag up the rear in the coming change but I see at least purple and eventually blue in my future. Go for it Sir!

  4. Robert Cox says:

    I plan it! And yes, your side will eventually have it’s way. I’m kinda anxious to see the end result, actually. But I will never stop speaking up for truth. You can try to snuff it out, silence it, or even try to kill it. But you can’t change it. Truth is truth. I’ve already checked out on amerika. My citizenship is somewhere else…….

  5. Robert Cox says:

    And just bc the majority votes on something doesn’t make it right. The majority backed Hitler. I’m gonna enjoy seeing some folks answer to their actions. More power to you and your kind! It only hastens my blessed hope!

  6. Walt Partin says:

    Mr. Cox, just for the record Hitler was never elected. When Von Hindenburg died Hitler appointed himself president. So much for being backed by a majority. Truth is truth 🙂
    walt Partin

  7. Robert Cox says:

    I never said he was elected, sir. I stated that he was backed by the masses. Do you challenge that statement? Truth is truth.

  8. Robert Cox says:

    I’ve actually done extensive studies on Hitler and his rise to power in Germany. The similarities to that whole relationship between Hitler and Germany are remarkably similar to obama and the US.


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