Good work, Judge Fostel

By Craig Brandon | Published Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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The story in the Update started out “Donny Scott, 35, of Chico took his chances with District Judge John Fostel to determine his sentence yesterday …” and continued to report that taking his chances with the honorable Judge Fostel netted him the maximum sentence.

The more this happens in Wise County, the more we can hopefully get the message out that you don’t mess with Wise County; we will throw the book at you. I’m tired of those who regularly call for us to be more lenient toward criminals, of any type. We are a nation, a state, a county and a city of laws, laws that are there for a reason.

Judge Fostel, thank you for doing your part in keeping Wise County safe from creeps, one case at a time. And to all of you non-law abiders in Wise County, go ahead, take a chance.

Craig Brandon

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