God, not gun control, is the answer

By Ricky Stutt | Published Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Gun or government control is not the answer to tragedies like Newton, Conn. A cold piece of steel does not kill – cold hearts kill. We as a nation have become spiritually relaxed, and things like this are the result of that complacency. Put God back in control of our family values and our lives, and we will see different results.

Many of the school shooters come from dysfunctional families and some even bought guns legally. As Christians, we have allowed God to be taken out of our schools. When was the last time you were at a high school football game and they did not pray, yet you did nothing about it? Maybe that is a better place to start than gun control.

Ricky Stutt

3 Responses to “God, not gun control, is the answer”

  1. Diane Hughes says:

    What happened in Newton is a very serious sobering moment, and it does show how we as a nation have failed in many ways. The care of the mentally ill, our entertainment industry and all the violence it feeds our society,video games, and children’s toys reveal as a nation we have changed, and not for the good.

    As a woman, mother and grandmother, I have one question for gun owners: Why do we need assault weapons in our homes today? Growing up with guns and understanding the need and purpose of guns for protection and for game. Why do we need assault guns in our homes today? Every time I think about what happened to those little ones in Newton, I can’t imagine the thought of those babies being shot multiple times by an assault rifle. They were not soldiers, police officers, gangsters,they had not wronged or threatened anyone,nor was it their job to defend anyone. They were babies. Why? Why do we need assault rifles sold to the general public today?

    Ricky anytime you are ready to pray at any event, please let me know. I will support you 100%, and stand with you in prayer. I’m ready to see the men out pray the women, and they can even bring their guns, I don’t care.

    I agree with you that we as a nation have become spiritually relaxed. If you want, we can start a prayer group in our neighborhood. We have wonderful neighbors who love the Lord.

  2. Very well written Ricky. Timothy McVeigh didn’t need a gun. The 911 attackers did their damage using box cutters. The derranged mind is the most dangerous weapon any of us will ever face. The unseen evil, that which we cannot see, is the culprit. There is absolutely nothing our Federal Government can do/is capable of doing that can fix anything. In fact, what is more useful would be what they don’t do. But that won’t happen, as politicians NEVER waste a good tragedy. Tragedy = national stage + plus opportunity to push your agenda on the sheeple. And believe me, they have an agenda.

  3. Andrew Wynn says:

    Gee, Diane…can you even tell me what an “assault rifle” is? Something tells me you use terms you know nothing about.

    If anyone really wants to do anything to effectively address the kind of violence we’ve seen at Columbine, Virginia Tech, the theater in Aurora, and Sandy Hook…then abolish “gun-free zones.” These are lunatic magnets. Nearly every mass shooting that has taken place in this country over the last 50 years has been committed in a gun-free zone. And why not? A gun-free zone may as well have signs posted around it that announces “unarmed victims found here—come on in!” or “fish in a barrel, shoot here!”

    How could anyone feel good about sending his or her children to a public school for eight hours a day where the only people with guns are the one who have malicious intent? Do away with gun-free zones all together. Let teachers and administrators carry concealed weapons just like the rest of us if they so choose, and this nonsense will stop in the schools. And the universities, and movie theaters, and shopping malls, etc.

    I am sure there will be all kinds of ill-founded objection to this proposal and I am sure it will ALL be based on emotion. It’s all too rare to see liberals raise an objection based on sound logic.


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