Financial crisis destroys community

By Maritha Gan | Published Saturday, August 25, 2012

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What is up with the insurance companies raising rates? Both my homeowner’s insurance and my car insurance from two separate companies went up over 50 percent this month. I love how the women on the line are instructed by their corporate minions to tell the customer that it isn’t you, it is “…across the board.”

What? Is that supposed to make me feel better? This country is in the worst economic depression – even worse than 1929 where 7 million people starved to death. Now those millions are hidden in government tainted statistics. Across the board, rate raises are only possible because car insurance is tied to law enforcement. Now the new Homeland Security-funded police Ram Chargers are supplied with laser readers to identify the non-insured in 3 seconds going at 70 mph. That was our tax dollars that paid for all of that new equipment and why the rates are continually going up.

One lady on the phone said it is because medical costs are going up. Thank you, National Health Care of which I am not a member. I have no health care, and thus, I should not have to be paying for others who do have health care through my car insurance. We have more homeless families than ever. It is in the millions. And we think we have happy little communities.

Listen up, folks. There is no community if people are starving, can’t afford propane for heat, have no health care and can no longer afford things like thyroid medication, but we sure as heck can afford a new addition on the church. I use alternative medicine to stay alive.

These large corporate insurance companies tied to the Justice Department represent tyranny to the poor. I have had enough of this. The economy is tanking, and property taxes should be going down, too, as well as car insurance (because I know that people are driving less). Wake up, folks. America is being squeezed for every last dollar, and Big Government and Big Corporations are refusing to cut costs, too. What would solve all of this? We could be a prosperous country if we did just two things. End the Federal Reserve Bank and kick out the International Banksters, and stop charging interest on loans. Our troubles are the Corporate Banksters.

Maritha Gan

One Response to “Financial crisis destroys community”

  1. So you don’t want banks to be able to charge interest on loans? I have a better idea. Stop borrowing money. America has had it too good for too long, and survives mainly on credit. I am proud to say I am debt free, and I in no way am a wealthy person. Insurance companies (I worked for one for 8 years) are nothing but a banks, They take your money, reinvested it in to the “market”, hope for a good return, and also hope for a good line of business as well as a minimum of natural disasters. All that said, the biggest enemy of the insurance companies is attornies. No, not the ones who defend legitimate claims, but the ones who launch frivilous ones, you know, the ones on late night TV. I say ALL financial reform in our country needs to start with Tort Reform. But NOBODY talks about that.


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