Federal prisoner laments drug sentencing

By Tommy Jackson | Published Saturday, December 29, 2012

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For 32 years, I had been a resident of Wise County. Now I’m serving a life sentence in the federal prison system for a first-time, non-violent drug crime.

It wasn’t that I had truckloads of drugs, or even that I killed anyone (‘Man gets 40 years for gruesome murder’ was a recent headline in the Messenger). It was for no other reason than I would not cooperate with the government and exercised my constitutional right to a jury trial.

For the amount of drugs I was caught with I should have received no more than 15 years.

What the people of the U.S. do not understand is how their constitutional rights are being destroyed by the so-called “Drug War.” Until you take the politics out, this drug war will never end. Too many elected officials are too worried about being re-elected instead of doing what’s right.

We need more people like Rusty White and Barry Green (who I went to school with in Bridgeport) who are willing to try a different approach instead of a “lock-em-up” attitude.

I’ve just started my 18th year in prison. I have faxed four commutation requests to the presidents during this time for a reduction of my sentence. I believe my family and I have done enough time for a non-violent drug crime. Since there isn’t any parole in the federal prison system, I will never gain my freedom again.

Tommy Jackson, 27477-077
United States Penitentiary

One Response to “Federal prisoner laments drug sentencing”

  1. Rusty White says:

    Tommy and family,

    Sadly you are but one of “millions” that they and your families are suffering because of this failure known as the war on drugs. Prisons and jails were once for those that had violence and victims, not as they are to day that being a “people ranching business”!

    Your case is sadly so “normal” in our courts today, many are threatened with maximum sentences if you demand your rights, how utterly disgusting is this truth???? You see “they” want to use you and your refusal to have your rights violated to scare those coming behind you! These are our supposed “public servants” entrusted and sworn to protect and administer the rights they violate daily, can you say BS!!!

    In America today and sadly Wise County one can have as many of your civil rights, liberties, freedoms and as much “supposed” fair , equal and unbiased justice as you can “AFFORD”! This is why we at http://www.leap.cc have taken a stand against this failed war and the unwarranted harm and misery it “has and is” causing all across our country and much of the world! There are more and more countries refusing to be bullied, bribed and paid to follow this failed drug war, guess what they are having great success! The states of Washington and Colorado have taken a stand as well, good for them! One day these “minority” of self serving political parasites at all levels and all across this land will not be able to keep these issues from being voted on by “WE THE PEOPLE”.FACT!

    As more and more truth comes out our tax payers and citizens are starting to see how they have been manipulated in to support a un-winnable and unjustifiable war of unwarranted misery and death against our own nations sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. Don’t give up hope, know your not alone in this disgraceful time in our countries history, and there are those of us honest enough to admit and face our mistakes! But sadly our nations people have been “conditioned” for over 40+ years in to giving up not only their freedoms and liberties but sadly those coming behind them as well! All through fear mongering and self serving beliefs and agendas of a “minority”, but there is hope that the same honesty, guts and honor that ran through the veins of our grandparents still runs in ours today! They had the heart and honesty to end the failed policy of alcohol prohibition no matter how well meaning or self justified by a “minority” it was portrayed!

    One of the biggest obstacles to justice is those who make a living off this disgusting policy and the power, job security, and control they will not willingly give up. It is not an easy thing to admit when your faced with supporting a failure and that your actions are causing far more harm than the drugs do, FACT!

    The tax payers and citizens are starting to ask “why”, because they are forced to support both the “ever growing” enforcement and those being sentenced, as well as supporting the families of those being wronged, AND FOR WHAT???

    There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!

    Rusty White
    Speaker for http://www.leap.cc


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