Ethel Martinez Letter for Wednesday, August 29, 2012

By Ethel Martinez | Published Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Dear Editor:

I want to thank Mr. Eaton for coming back to the paper. I know he will do what is best for all concerned. In the past, I have tried to submit articles of family gatherings, our anniversary and just general news of Boyd, and I was told that my article was not newsworthy. I was about to cancel my subscription when I got my paper and saw that Mr. Eaton was back.

I am out and about all the time and see things all around me that others, who work, may not notice. For instance, this morning on my walk at Boyd City Park, it was so nice I got a feeling of tranquility but coming home after three laps I was disappointed to see all the trash along my block right in front of my house – water bottles, chip bags, etc. Well, it’s already too hot for me to go clean it up, but I will have to tomorrow. Doesn’t anyone respect another’s property? Boyd used to be a nice little town.

We have a problem with two of the street manholes that scare us to death. The asphalt around them is about 3 inches higher than the manhole lid, and every time a vehicle crosses there’s a loud boom. In the daytime, with all the other noises, it is just aggravating but at night when you’re sleeping it sounds like a gunshot. It is very loud and shocking. I have asked different people about the issue and was told it was the state. If I knew who to address, I would contact them myself.

That’s my view. Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

Ethel Martinez

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