Election night with the academics

By Angelou del Angel | Published Saturday, November 10, 2012

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The night of the election, before I went over to the Square to watch the results, I lingered in the lab at Weatherford College on the U.S. 380. My professor and I paused for a bit to talk about politics and why we voted the way we did. The discussion was frank and logical and lingered around the center of the political spectrum.

From her side, having made her career in the sciences, (and being a woman) she couldn’t get behind the Republican social policy platform, especially their take on science and women’s reproductive rights. However, she acknowledged that President Obama is a divisive figure, through a combination of policies and xenophobic reaction to a black, Democratic president.

She also stated a logical preference for small government. And so, in a time when cooperation is needed, more interested in getting things done, Romney got a vote.

I agreed on a number of points: science, social issues and small government for instance. There have always been issues, however, where the states will screw things up and the federal government steps in: Jim Crow is a prime example. I’m also a veteran and agree we must maintain an effective military and the 2nd Amendment. In the longer economic view, however, health care costs are a worrisome burden for the middle class.

I wasn’t blindly optimistic in 2008; the most I reasonably expected of anyone in Washington was to stem the bleeding and point the economy in the right direction. Add in a restoration of American soft power and prestige abroad, and my vote went Democratic.

So, the Dr. and I agreed on a lot, it’s just a choice of what we emphasized and why that steered our votes apart. And we did so respectfully, with the keen understanding that our differences do not make us enemies. In similar fashion, I’ve had spirited debates with my philosophy professor there regarding politics and religion.

If anything comes of Weatherford on 380, hopefully, it’s that: an increase in civil discourse. I consider myself a centrist, willing to listen to the conservative view. However, as the Republicans pandered to the Tea Party and became more extreme, I tuned out. We have a centrist party right now, and a far right party.

Yes, Obama won again. No, Republicans can’t win an election on a national level by waving the Confederate flag to the exclusion of women and minorities and hope enough angry white men turn out to tilt things their way.

I may be Latino, but let me say: we are not socialists, we’re not waiting for handouts, and we’re not destroying America. In fact, the dream of working for a better living is why we’re here. For all the election’s talk of handouts, the fact is, the majority of welfare recipients are white.

And speaking of Latinos, we’re why Texas is on its way to being a swing state in a decade or two. See you at the polls in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020

Angelou del Angel

11 Responses to “Election night with the academics”

  1. Rusty White says:


    Sadly and as predicted the Republicans were their own worst enemy in this election, and got what they had coming. IMHO

    Here is a list of things I believe cost them the election.

    1. Many in their party openly and arrogantly claimed their main goal was to make sure President Obama was going to be a one term President. In their effort to do so they “failed” to do the jobs they had sworn and were elected to do! Due to their selfishness and self serving agendas our whole country paid the price. These career political parasites put their party, beliefs and agendas above and before our country and our nation as a whole, there again getting what they deserved!

    2. They and their lobbies manipulated the system so big money could be thrown all around the country without any accountability. Well guess what the American voters held them accountable, President Obama won “all” the “supposed” battle ground states and the popular vote as well! Rove and his kind and their 1.6 Billion dollars did more to energize the other parties voters than any good it did for the Republicans.

    3. They attempted under the guise of voter fraud to deny others from voting, and it cost them for it!

    4. They cost them selves by dishonestly redistricting, and the courts held them accountable. Many have claimed each party does it, well “never” do two wrongs make a right nor is it justification for “your” wrongs!

    5. Saddest of all many have and still do attack President Obama over his name and lie about his faith! Yet out the “other side” of their mouths they claimed to be persons of faith, really??? Guess what the American people are smart enough to “know” no child gets to pick their own name! They are also smart enough to know in a country where faith is an Individual Freedom “no matter” what it is, and those of real faith don’t use it as a weapon, FACT! Every week many in this country take their children to the houses of their beliefs, from infants to teenagers, how many and at what age do they get a choice in going or not?

    I for one am glad this debacle is over, the Republicans would do well not to make excuses or try and blame this election on any others but themselves, and their openly and arrogant attempts to manipulate the odds in their favor as well as their self serving party, beliefs and agendas. IMHO

    Even as I am writing this we hear the Republicans saying they must create a “new” message that will appeal to those they have turned their backs on for “decades’, lots of luck! Would it not be better served to create a party that really accepts those of others faiths, races and beliefs? While putting and end to attempting to “force” and manipulate your self serving party, agendas and beliefs on all others, would it not???

    While they are at it they might want to rethink running this new son of the “Bush Dynasty”, the American people are fed up with career politicians and their family dynasties, in “both parties“! Not to mention it will take far more that 8 years to heal the wounds caused by the last Bush family member that took his supposed rightful “turn”!!! IMHO

  2. Jim Popp says:


    While I don’t agree with you, let me just say that Mitt Romney was, and is, a very good and decent man. He has the business knowledge and skills we needed to turn this country around economically, in my opinion. Unfortunately, again in my opinion, he was not elected, so now we’ll all have to suffer through another four years of what we’ve had for the last four years economically and we’ll see for sure what another four years of Obama style politics and ideology does to, and for, this great country of ours.

    The discussion of why Romney lost will go on among Conservatives like myself for quite a while yet, as it did back in 2008 when McCain lost to Obama. One thing for sure is that I have never seen this country so divided as it is now and it has been during Obama’s presidency. I say that having lived through the 60’s and having been in the service during Vietnam too!

    Regardless, I doubt that you and I would ever agree on much politically, as I wouldn’t agree with the original poster of this letter either. To you however, please let me say, Happy Veteran’s Day brother and we’ll all see where our country is in another four years, for good or worse. We have no choice but to ride it out the best we all can now.

  3. Rusty White says:


    Thank you Brother and the same to you, we earned the right to speak out, it just wasn’t a “gift” from those before us, it doesn‘t make either one of us more right than the other but maybe a little more of a voice? I am afraid you are correct about disagreeing, but at least we can do it with class and respect for each other, some on here can not say the same!

    Romeny had some back ground in business good and bad, but I find it hard to believe out of the 60+ in the Senate and over 500+ in the house there is any less experience, is there not? As well as the President seeking others inside and outside his party for direction and counseling.

    President Obama is but one of almost “600” elected representatives in Washington, is he not? Yet he is to blame for all our countries failures, I’ll have to disagree.

    If the Republicans take the same path as they have for the last 4 years, not only will they give up the house but we as a nation will suffer as well!

    Like I have said many times in the past, I don’t like “either” of these parties! The only way this country will ever change is when a third party has a real chance, and “both” these parties are making sure they keep “total” control of the game of politics!

    I find it utterly disgusting these political dynasties and career politician claim to represent the common American while each is a millionaire!

    I hope they “all” stop all the political BS and start taking care of this country that goes for BOTH PARTIES!!!

    The best to you and yours from me and mine!:)

  4. Jim, you make a great point. I don;t think the problem wasn’t so much with Mitt as it was with the Republican Party.

    See, he’d shown as governor of a deeply blue state the ability to be a moderate, and I like that. But then the Tea Party came along and swept the ideological rug out from under his feet, and moved it to the far, far right, deep into the Fox reality-proof bubble.

    Hence, Romney had to move in lockstep with that view in the primaries, and then swing way back here to the middle for the general election…and voters called his bluff. When a presidential candidate has to do that in order to try and win an election, then it’s a huge clue that his party is out of touch with the mainstream electorate.

    That’s the first sign of the problem, and it’s not gonna be fixed because the GOP didn’t send up someone conservative enough. If someone like Rick Santorum gets the nomination in 2016, then the general election is over before it even begins.

    James Carville went on Bill Maher’s show and made a great point about the election: “In the South sometimes, people will say, ‘In order to get that boy’s attention, sometimes you gotta hit him upside the head with a two-by-four.’ Well, that sound you heard on election night was PINE ON SKULL.”

    It’s time to get out of the echo chamber. Officials can’t even begin to solve the nation’s problems if they can’t agree on the same set of facts as a starting point. Hopefully the pine popped a few folks out of the Fox News/Drudge Report/Rush Limbaugh bubble Tuesday night.

    It’s encouraging, Jim, to see conservatives at least understand that our disagreements don’t make us enemies. Now if we could get a few more outside the bubble to talk sense and debate, instead of wallowing in that socialist/birther/rape nonsense, things could get done.

  5. Robert Cox says:

    Why is it always the liberal democrats that say the GOP is too conservative? Amerika is dead. Shed a tear for it; it was a noble experiment. But it’s gone and selfish people killed it. Now….where’s my free phone????

  6. Robert, you’re right, selfish people did try to squeeze the country for all it’s worth, except they’re not who you think. Welfare, healthcare, and education, as a portion of the budget, are nowhere near what we spend on corporate subsidies and the military.

    And you bought into it. Might wanna try getting your head out of the Fox/Drudge/Limbaugh bubble I was talking about.

    Here, have a watch.

  7. Entitlements in welfare, healthhcare and education have no place in the Federal Governement. No where does the Constitution allow for them at that level. They are for the states to apply as they feel is proper per the 10th Amendmemnt. The Military is to be funded per the Constitution. “Corporate Subsidies” allow companies to keep more of their own money, before Washington can piss it away on what they feel is right. Sounds like you may want to get out of the Liberal Academia bubble, my friend. Do they no longer teach the Constitution , Federalist Papers and History of our nation in college?1 Sheesh.

  8. Jim Popp says:


    As the old saying goes, “I have friends who are……” In this case it would be Democrats. I do not consider them “the enemy”, by a long stretch and in fact I think a great deal of them as people. Mark York, Chairman of the Wise Co. Dem Party, I consider a friend, as I do Tracy Smith, a member of the county Dem Board, along with her hubby Coley. There are a number of other county Democrats in that catagory too for me. We may disagree politically on some major issues, for sure, but we also agree on some other issues. Neither party is completely right on everytning!

    There are also some other liberal Dems in this county that I wouldn’t spit on, if they were on fire! My own personal experience has shown me that it is normally the Dem Libs that start the insulting, screaming and shouting in a political discussion, rather than just discussing a subject, and not the conservative person. That’s just my own experiences though.

    Our country has a problem that needs to be fixed, IMMEDIATELY. I grant you that the extreme right can’t get it fixed alone, but neither can the extreme left. Unfortunately, Obama is the poster child for the extreme left and he has proven in the last four years that he governs from that position too, no matter what.

    Romney was/is a moderate and I do not believe it was the Tea Party that hurt his campaign. It was just the poor running of his campaign, for many reasons, and the underestimation of Obama’s appeal to various groups after the terrible job he did with the economy in his first four years.

    Without cooperation from both sides, it will never get fixed, but cooperation from conservatives doesn’t mean caving in to Obama and all his ultra liberal spending ways either. I hope both sides can at least sit and discuss alternative solutions to all the problems our country faces right now, without one trying to step on the other’s head, which has been Obama’s style so far!

    Oh, and by the way, I can’t stand Santorum, for a number of reasons, but his Tea Party affiliation is not one of them.

  9. Now you got me curious, Jim. Do tell your thoughts on Santorum, Google problem aside.

  10. Jim Popp says:


    I think that my personal opinions about Santorum are best kept personal. Suffice to say that I just don’t like a lot about him, but then again, I don’t like anything about Obama and his ultra liberal agenda that I’ve already had to live through four years of. Compared to these last four years, anyone or anything with a conservative opposing view would be an improvement.

  11. Robert Cox says:

    Hey! I only watch MSNBC when I want to see a clown show. Those guys crack me up! Chris “thrill up my leg” Matthews, Rachel Mad cow, Al “made my living from promoting racism” Sharpton, the Mr Ed “sargeant Shultz show…..what a line up! You can sure trust your news source! Hahahaha! Oh, and BTW…..while the MSM chases after another sex scandle, 4 Americans are dead. They were murdered in Benghazi while your wonderful administration watched and ignored the cries for help. But iwguess that was Budh’s fault. Now……where’s my free phone????


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