Court conduct an embarrassment

By Stephen Brock | Published Saturday, June 9, 2012

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I am a Decatur alumni class of 1992. I happened to go to the summer league basketball games held in Boyd the other day. When I arrived, Decatur was playing Alvord. I was waiting for the Bowie game to start since my oldest son plays for Bowie and decided to watch Decatur and Alvord.

As I watched the game being played, an Alvord player committed a foul; the whistle was blown, and a Decatur player went and clapped in the face of two Alvord players. The referee made the said player sit out of the game. The Decatur player went back in the game later to my dismay.

I understand that during sporting events a lot of “trash talking” goes on, but the Decatur team went beyond that. They were overly physical with holding, punching and running their mouths at the other teams. This behavior continued when they stepped on the court to play my child’s team. I was ashamed to be a Decatur alumni that night.

When I was in high school sportsmanship was paramount. Our coaches would’ve sat us out for the rest of the game as well as chewed our rear ends for unsportsmanlike conduct. These Decatur players seemed to be applauded for their lack of sportsmanship and arrogance toward the other teams that they played. To me it shows a lack of class and leadership in the athletic department at Decatur High School and I am glad my child does not attend school there.

The parents of these children should question what is being taught in athletics by the coaches.

Stephen Brock

2 Responses to “Court conduct an embarrassment”

  1. says:

    This is a ridiculous letter by a bitter father on a bad team. 4 Bowie players were kicked out of a game during this league but he didn’t meantion that.

  2. I think the bigger story here is the lack of sportsmanship shown by whomever was kicked out, no matter what team they played on. Just a continuing reflection of why society is in the shape it is in.


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