County holds grudge

By Mark York | Published Saturday, August 18, 2012

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When the late County Commissioner Mikel Richardson decided a few years back that my fence line, which protected me from the criminal elements of Newark, was on county property, he hired a substandard surveyor that justified his actions of taking 5 feet of my yard.

After two years of litigation and thousands of taxpayers’ dollars later, the county and I agreed on having a neutral surveyor resurvey the property, and we used Davey Edwards. As I had protested all along, the county did unjustly remove my fence, and I was proven to be 100 percent correct.

If they would have had someone of Mr. Edwards caliber from the very beginning, this one very expensive and embarrassing lawsuit would have been avoided. The county wouldn’t have had to take down and erect another fence wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money. The county was lucky I did not sue for the materials they took from my property or the loss of waterfront land use, not to mention the tremendous stress they put my family under.

I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Edwards may have cost himself his own job by doing the right thing?

Mark York
Wise County Democratic Chairman

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