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By Maritha Gan | Published Saturday, May 12, 2012

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As a member of the Republican Party who was first alternate elected at the Wise County Convention held before the last presidential election in 2008, I wish to register my deep dissatisfaction to the procedural change during this election cycle of holding the county convention and electing delegates before the precinct convention. This was done before the public had the opportunity to vote!

The excuse by the Republican Party of Texas was blamed on “re-districting and political gamesmanship by the liberals” as stated on the card I received from Austin. Nowhere on the front of this card did it state that the county convention was to be held early, much less in only a few days time. You had to go and read on the back when the conventions were to be held, and you were instructed to go online to find out when your particular county would have its convention.

I have been told by Allen Williamson, the Wise Republican County Chair, that they did print a notice in this paper. I asked several subscribers if they ever recalled this notice and no one remembers ever seeing it, and these were well-educated people.

So the only people who were notified at their homes were primarily the “Old-Guard Republicans.” I received this notice only because I attended the 2008 convention, but not everyone got this card. This card looked like one of the prolific fliers that beg for contributions, and I left it on my kitchen table to read it more thoroughly when I had the time.

By the time I read this flyer, our county convention had already been held before the people voted at their respective precincts! Now I ask you, how can these delegates represent the Republican voters without the Republican voters having an opportunity to vote first? And how can these voters, who wished to attend a precinct convention the evening of the Tuesday voting, have an opportunity to submit motions when the county convention has already been held?

Keeping in mind that both the Republican Party of Texas and the Democratic Party of Texas are merely registered corporations and have no obligation to the individual voters whatsoever, it seems high time that the money spent on these “conventions” and the granting of free space for their monthly meetings in our local courthouse should cease.

These so-called “parties” seem to give the impression that these institutions are there for “the people.” This type of rule change effectively eliminated the majority of new Ron Paul delegates who would have attended the county convention after being elected to attend by their precinct chairperson.

I have a 24-year-old son who was looking forward to getting involved in the delegate process who now has been stripped of this opportunity by a drastic reconfiguration of the entire voting process. It seems to me this was a clever way to ensure that Ron Paul would not win his home state, and I fear that this tactic has been successful, albeit highly illegal.

By the time this reaches a court case, Mitt Romney will already have “won” this state. I have lost faith in the two-party system because I have now witnessed, for the second time, illegal procedures conducted beyond the public eye by the Republican Party of Texas. This country has lost its way all right and the Republican voters of Wise County should be outraged!

Maritha Gan

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