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By D.A. Sharpe | Published Saturday, May 26, 2012

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The May 12 Letters to the Editor section displayed an expression of frustration about the writer not being made aware of when the Wise County Republican Party held its county convention this year.

The convention schedules of both the Democratic and the Republican Parties in Texas were disrupted by litigation in the federal courts that resulted in the Party Primary Elections being rescheduled from March 6 to May 29.

This whole matter was a moving target about which the news media covered and the political parties tried to communicate. Individuals wishing to be informed in certain areas of our culture and society need to take initiatives to expose themselves to better opportunities to be informed.

If you want to be informed of Wise County news about the Democratic or Republican parties, you can find periodic notices in the county newspapers, and both parties maintain websites for their news. Both parties maintain email lists to communicate frequently the things party members should know. You may get on these distribution lists by asking on their respective websites.

This dissatisfied lady in the May 12 letter was a delegate to the Wise County Republican Convention in 2008. She used to have an email address on our distribution list.

Her record dropped off our list, due to that email address bouncing. Apparently, her interest in continuing to receive our regular notifications was not sufficient to get online and request being restored to the list. So, she became listless!

Political events in our society are important, and citizens should participate. They need to assume a degree of responsibility about insuring the information in which they have interest is made available to them.

D.A. Sharpe, director of communications
Wise County Republican Party

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