Bridge is waste of tax dollars

By Lillian Thompson | Published Saturday, July 28, 2012

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About two months ago I was awakened at 7 a.m. with the sound of multiple machines in front of my house. When I looked out my window, I saw county workers tearing up my road. I was given no warning or explanation. Over the next several days they came out every morning and cut down trees, tore up fences, grated and widened the road. They then graveled the road, totally changing a very tranquil road to a dirty, graveled monstrosity.

I then found out from a neighbor that the commissioners were updating the road, including replacing the bridge, which would cost the taxpayers $80,000 or more. So I was asked by my neighbor to sign a petition to stop the waste of tax dollars, which I did. Then within a few days I read in the paper that David Carlton needs this $80,000 bridge to haul hay. What, three to four times a year? David doesn’t even live on County Road 3214 and has no livestock here. The petition he generated had 44 signatures mostly of people who live way west of Bridgeport, Paradise, Decatur, Brenham and one from Oklahoma. None of these have any connection with this road. This road has been closed for more than 13 years, and now all of a sudden it has to be fixed. This road only connects Cuba Road with Cuba Road. All property can be accessed from another road.

So can’t this money be used where it is needed, instead of on a bridge that really only David Carlton wants so he can haul hay? I am not only against this bridge because of the cost but also because when it was open, we had many cars who drove way too fast and young kids gathering at the bridge for drug and alcohol parties, not to mention the ones who brought their guns and would shoot them.

I understand the commissioners will vote on this at the meeting on July 30. All of you who oppose wasteful spending of tax dollars please attend.

Lillian Thompson

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