Appreciated point on city regulations

By Mona Harper | Published Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Re: “Wise and Otherwise” by Roy Eaton, Wednesday, Oct. 24.

I was so glad to see that someone else has noticed the same issues as I recently so harshly experienced with Decatur’s Planning & Zoning Commission. I have lived in only big cities before here and had zero issues when I worked with the city for permits or anything else. The attitude that Mr. Eaton spoke of in his column is so well known that every builder I’ve talked with told me it would cost more to do a job here in Decatur versus Bridgeport. Many of them pull permits in Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas and say that Decatur is worse to deal with than those cities.

How disheartening it is, and unneccessarily difficult. Something isn’t right.

Thanks for your article.

Mona Harper

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