America: Love us or we’ll leave

By Tony Girtman | Published Saturday, September 22, 2012

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It seems nobody likes the U.S. anymore. Everywhere you look on the news or listen to reports from foreign capitals around the world, we are “villains.”

I suggested in a communication with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison that we should withdraw financial support from any nation where our embassies, consulates or diplomats are attacked. I mean ALL financial support: military, humanitarian, ad nauseum.

I at least expected a return email from her office that this was a drastic measure and required more time to study. What I got was silence. So I repeat my thoughts here: If they don’t like us now, how will they like us when the pocketbook closes?

For each and every country where riots, flag burning and unruly mobs congregate, simply cut off any further money to that nation. If they wish to protest, let them do it on their dime, not ours. I once read that funds for overseas countries were lumped into one big pot, and they were free to dip in anytime they decided to do so.

Well, enough is enough! We have financial problems of our own. We do not need to fuel their unrest with our tax dollars. Our exalted leader can’t control the economy here. We are barreling toward a financial meltdown. We have to start making cuts somewhere – why not let it be with those who take our money and spit on us anyway?

I still contend that money will make a difference to some of those loon-heads. Take it away and see how they manage.”

Tony Girtman
Runaway Bay

2 Responses to “America: Love us or we’ll leave”

  1. I could not agree more! Why in the world would we fund a country that wants to kill all of us? We have a lot more problems with paying our own debts and borrowing money from China to pay down our debt. These people (muslims) need to get a grip.They are wound just a little too tight. If the Quoran glorifies the rape, torture, and murder of women and children, then it needs to be made fun of.


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