Accepting of voter fraud

By Tony Girtman | Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Voter fraud. That’s what it is, and nothing less.

The fact that Philadelphia, in 59 of their heavily African-American precincts, not one single vote was cast for Romney, strains the imagination.

In nine precincts in the Cleveland, Ohio, area, not one single vote was cast for Romney. Not one. Sort of stretches the credibility of that count, as well.

In the district of Florida represented by Alan West, he was denied the chance to be re-elected when 143 percent of the registered voters turned out. He still only lost by .59 percent (slightly over one-half of 1 percent) but that’s not close enough to trigger an automatic recount.

I am adamantly against the Obama administration. As one pundit put it, Chicago is known for three things: pizza, gangsters and corrupt politicians. President Obama is not pizza.

Does this make a case for a picture ID for voters? A driver’s license would suffice or some other state-issued photo ID, which would be marked off against a list of eligible registered voters. Not on the list, you don’t vote. No picture ID, go away. Or perhaps, let them vote, but the votes are then set aside in a separate place until deemed relevant to the outcome.

But there I go again, believing in being fair to a large, Democratic voting population when they have proven time and time again that their agenda is to win at any cost.

Tony Girtman
Runaway Bay

9 Responses to “Accepting of voter fraud”

  1. Agreed on all points. What I don’t understand is that when I voted in Keller, I had to show my DL. Is this just a Texas thing?

  2. To paraphrase Megyn Kelly’s question to Karl Rove:

    “Is this just a rationale you use as a Republican to make yourself feel better?”

    That was about the only “fair and balanced” moment I’d seen on Fox in ages.

    Go ahead, ignore reasons like, the long-term demographic trends that even George W. Bush knew enough about to craft his message to reach out to Latino voters.

    Ignore the wrongness of the of the “makers and takers” message when they’re pulling the wool over your eye on who REALLY takes the most.

    Ignore the fact that the W’s failed legacy STILL haunts the Republican Party, and that unpaid wars drove and tax cuts drove the deficit the GOP is harping on now.

    Ignore the fact that trickle down economics is utter bunk that most of us have finally wised up to.

    Ignore the fact that a growing number of Americans claim no religious affiliation, probably put off by Tea Party fundamentalism.

    Remain oblivious to how any woman could be offended by the asinine comments that GOP legislators made about rape, thus influencing their votes.

    Go ahead and keep telling yourself these kinds of things so that Republicans don’t realize that the medieval Tea Party platform was the real problem that sank them. Heaven forbid the Teapublican party look within and wonder, “wow, maybe we did something wrong.”

    I hope the Tea Party keeps believing all that. I hope that they don’t see it coming when Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Dick Lugar, and the rest of the sane GOP that’s left finally wise up and kick all those crackpot ideas to the curb and get back about the business of REAL governing.

  3. Johnna Sweet says:

    Mr. Del Angel, what does that have to do with the issue of voter fraud?

  4. Walt Partin says:

    Ms. Sweet, I believe Mr. Del Angel is pointing out that when you win by over 100 electoral votes and 3 million popular votes, voter fraud is not the problem. That would be fraud on such a massive scale as to be impossible. Mr. Del Angel is pointing out the real reasons the GOP lost, not voter fraud.

  5. Robert Cox says:

    There was plenty of voter fraud. It’s a given that dems and libs lie and cheat. After Holder dropped the voter intimidation charge against the New Black Panther Party in 08, it gave them liberty to do what they wanted. I for one am TIRED of the political system having to “reach out” (code for give them stuff) to any community! They need to do what’s best for America, but they don’t. It’s ok. Amerika is well on it’s way to getting exactly what it voted for!

  6. Well, Robert, Craig, Tony, you guys just keep placing the blame everywhere else, on voter fraud, on Hurricane Sandy, on Christ Christie, on everything. That way, you won’t have to think about what might have gone wrong with the party platform. I know it feels a lot better, but be warned that the side effect of denial is political irrelevance.

    Flat out, you’ve been fed a lie on who makes and takes, and what really drives the economy. On top of that, the conservative infotainment sphere feeds you apocalyptic crap because it SELLS. And they’ve got you on it, hook line and sinker. Having Obama in office is like an 8-year ratings hike for them.

  7. Walt Partin says:

    Remember back in 2000 when the presidential election came down to 250 votes in one state where the winner’s brother was governor?
    Remember how Mr. Girtman, and Mr. Cox were outraged over voter fraud then? Neither do I.
    This election was won by 100 electoral votes and 3 million popular votes; I wonder how the afore mentioned would have reacted if this election had been determined by 250 votes in Chicago?

  8. Robert Cox says:

    Are you better off than you were 4 yrs ago? Is our country more secure now than 4 yrs ago? Let’s see how it looks 4 yrs from now. Mr Partin, I didn’t say anything in 2000 or 2004. I didn’t vote. That’s shameful in itself and I regret it to this day.

  9. I have to laugh out loud at some of the comments on this page. It’s everyone else that is at fault, it not mine or the stuff I constantly harp on, and the stupid ridiculous ideas that there is voter ready to fraud the election at every step in every state. There is only two cases of proven voter fraud that I know of in the state of Texas and one of them was right here in Wise County, performed by one the very extreme conspiracy theory followers himself. And the other was another Republican in Houston who thought it was okay to vote in Texas and in Pennsylvania in the same election.
    The message stank, the messenger and the people who spread the message the message were delusional to the point that even today they cannot understand or believe they got so, so, so wrong. If you don’t believe it, just check the facts they don’t lie YOU LOST PERIOD!


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